Wednesday, March 31, 2010

iCandy - 70th edition

Click Collage For Closeup View

Boy Oh Boy do I have Beach Brain today! Could it be due to the gorgeous Spring weather we are having here today in Atlanta? or because we are trying to get our Summer, beach family weekends set into our schedule? or could it be due to my addiction to the Real Housewives of NYC, where they are always in Hamptons?

I've never been to Nantucket or The Hamptons, so I think I'll put that on my list of beaches I'd like to spend a weekend. I've always dreamed about what it would be like to have my own little beach cottage getaway. I imagine how the salt air would smell as we drove up the driveway for the weekend, or how I'd decorate it (the cute little pantry boxes listed below would sit on my porch to welcome me) or how we would roast marshmallows over an open beach fire at night. Although my taste is more modern, I LOVE the idea of shabby chic for my beach cottage, even if it is a bit 10 years ago, who cares? Oh..... I'm so having a bad case of day dreaming going on today!!

iCANDY has had a few beach themes throughout the years, click here to see the last one. I hope you love this new beachy roundup as much as I do. ENJOY!

1. Antique Shelf - Vintage Chic Furniture, NY $125.00
2. Nantucket Breeze Print - Kim's Cottage Art, $12.95
3. Flower Serving Bowl - One Clay Bead, NC $47.00
4. Pantry Boxes - The Broken House, NJ $21.98
5. Spring Balsam Fir Sachets - Sewn Natural, Canada $22.00
6. Beach Umbrella Photograph - Alice B. Gardens, MI $12.00

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simply Suds - dessert table with a twist!

For those of you who know me, bath and body products are my #1 weakness! In fact I toyed with the idea of starting my own handmade line, before I went in the paper direction with InkSpot Workshop. Can you think of a better way to treat and pamper yourself? I get lost in everything from the way products look (such a sucker for adorable packaging) they way they make your skin feel and most importantly the endless supply of clever scent combinations. For a while I was completely into smelling like a baked good! The sweeter the better. Still love a good lemon cookie smelling bubble bath with super rich body butter to complete the little personal treat.

Thanks to all the peeps I follow on Twitter, I just discovered this AMAZING online magazine called Nonpareil. It is the brainchild of way too many creative people to list here, so be sure to check out the incredible roundup of contributors. The latest issue has captivated me way beyond any other magazine article EVER! We all know how a well organized dessert table can take center stage these days and turn an ordinary event in to an extraordinary event, right? How about a dessert table where everything is a bath goodie?

I am so blown away, in awe and inspired by this feature called Desserts With A Twist. I'm not even sure which element I love most. Is it the fun play on my favorite bright colors paired with stark white? The simple, tasteful graphic design elements for the packaging? Or the fact the cupcakes are really bath bombs? My paper crush Kristen of PaperCrave is one of Nonpareil's contributors and the imagination behind this setup. Pair her together with the shutterbug precision eye of Lisa Rigby Photography and you get THIS!

Click here for Bath Salt Recipe

OK, I figured out the best part.....everything you see here, from the labels, cupcake boxes, to the goodies themselves, you get the COMPLETE inside scoop! Free downloads to make your packaging look just as cute, product recipes (nothing store bought here!) and simple instructions for how to setup your own dessert table with a twist. How much fun would this be for your next girl's night in? Baby Shower? Tween's birthday? Heck, do it just for yourself:)

For Sugar Scrub recipe click HERE

Thank You Nonpareil for this dose of inspiration!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Etsy 101 - my post over at Oh My Handmade Goodness

Trying to wrap your little creative head around how to sell your "cute stuff" online?
Come see what I have to share with everyone today over at
Oh My Handmade Goodness blog.
Got a question? Feel free to ask away

Rainy days are great for Nostalgic Toys...

This Spring in Atlanta is a mix of 42 degree days, sunny 70 degree days and a ton of RAIN! This past weekend wasn't any different. We had a gorgeous Saturday, choc-full of T-Ball, a birthday party and playing with pals. Sunday... well.. let's just say it wasn't like Saturday, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. What to do with a bouncing-off-the-walls 4 year old boy?

For starters, we never got out of our PJ's, mommy included. Then we got out the
Lite Brite. I'm finding myself buying games and toys for my son that I used to play with when I was his age. Lite Brite was my absolute favorite! No secret considering the color addict I am. Last month we even baked up a batch of Shrinky Dinks, remember those? Still a blast. With Lite Brite, all those pretty colored pegs turning into a lit up, colorful design, perks up any rainy day. If you don't have Lite Brite, you can always play online (yes, really) click here. Also found a site for refill pattern pages here. Still searching for a site that offers free, down loadable, printable sheets or a site that shows me how to make my own.

Ta Da! The Finished Project

Little Helper
Whipping up a batch of The Pioneer Woman's Favorite Burgers

Sometimes it's a challenge to find things we can actually play together, especially since he's not exactly "into" the same things we girls are. Although he has taken a liking to cooking and always wants to help in the kitchen, no problem there! I mean please, there is only so much playing Mater and Sally I can take before I'm ready to stab my eyeballs out. At least I can rest in a bed when we play patient:) Mommy's little trick to getting some rest while contributing to the playtime bank. Since I'm a working mommy, we don't have the luxury of unlimited playtime and often find our time spent together running errands, so it's super important to make time for play. At the end of the day it's more about the fact we had fun spending time together that will make the memories. Little buddy, I really do hope you look back on these years and think...boy I sure had a FUN mommy:)

Friday, March 19, 2010

icandy - 69th edition

Pastels are happening here on iCANDY! Elle Decor has also featured pastels in TREND ALERT, read feature here. Who doesn't love pastels, especially this time of year? Just like all the new blooms sprouting up, gets me in the mood for a change in seasons. I also love how girly and feminine I feel when I wear pastels, especially pink. Here is a popular set of mine, featuring pastel carnival rides.

I found these pastel goodies while surfing Etsy. Enjoy and have a sunny weekend.

1. Shy Blushing Daisy Print - View Finder, CA $20.00
2. Shabby Chic Cupcake Wrappers - A Little Lollipop Tree, GA $8.50
3. Japanese Masking Tape - Studio Koizumi, Japan $15.00
4. English Rose Hair Pins - Mia Beads, NY $14.50
5. Button Soaps - Love Lee Soaps, FL $4.00
6. Pastel Charm Bridal Bouquet- Hair Bows Wonderworld, England $275.00

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quilling - New Use

All I can say is that this cake really TAKES THE CAKE! I've always admired little keepsakes featuring the fine art of paper quilling. Something about the craft's subtle elegance and intricacies really makes me want to cut up some colorful paper strips and start quilling away. Quilling fondant for cakes takes this craft to the next level. Geez! think of all the other things we could quill. Kayla of Kayla's Cakes made this show stopper, don't you just want to hug her? Those colors and swirlies really add dimension to a cake, even the adorable topper which was made by So Happi Together.

How about trying your own hand at fondant quilling for your next baked goodie?
click here for a simple instructions

Want to give paper quilling a try?
Click here for a complete tutorial from the super talented Bonnie.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do You MOO? free offer

I first discovered a couple years ago and am a huge fan of their mini moo cards. These little gems are not like all other ordinary business cards because you can upload tons of different pictures (make each card unique) plus they are small enough to fit on a keyring. I keep my mini moo card holder on my key chain, great for when I'm running errands and don't have my purse with me. Isn't that always the time you run into people and wish you had some cards on you??

I also use my mini moo cards to tuck inside customers packages. Just yesterday I made some new cards and included a coupon code for repeat customers. How could I pass up the FREE offer MOO has just for Etsy sellers? Click here to get your FREE cards.

There are so many creative uses for these minis, how about wedding favors? has even published an online ideas book, click here to flip through it.

A friend of mine uploaded pictures of their boat and use their cards when making new friends at high sea. Are you a proud mommy? Why not upload your favorite pictures of the kiddos and have these on hand as mommy cards? The possibilities are seriously endless!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

if I were a font series...Daisy Mae

click on picture for full effect

It's no secret I am over the top, obsessed completely with fonts. In fact if my computer crashed I would be more devastated over losing my entire font collection before my design collection. Perhaps that's a sign I need some serious help??

As a new found way to express my creative side, I'm starting this new blog series. What do you think? I will be bringing you free fonts and ideas of how to use them whenever the creative streak hits. The designs I create for this series will not be offered in my shop, but if you love them and must have them, simply contact me.

First up is this simply sweet and delicate font called Daisy Mae. You may download it for free by clicking here. It is so girly with it's scribbled daisies and fine lines, looks best as the main design element. I also like the way Daisy Mae looks paired with Champagne & Limousines print. Delicate, like a baby made me instantly think of a baby girl announcement, but a girly birthday or baby shower would wear it well too. How fun would this font be if a florist used it entirely for their logo? Oh, the possibilities are endless.

If you find a great use for Daisy Mae, drop me a line.

Monday, March 8, 2010

dreaming of warmer weather...

Over the weekend I spotted this amazing beverage tub/wine rack/ goodie holder and yelled out loud in Crate and Barrel "I NEED THIS"! I mean just how perfect is this little outdoor helper? Heck for $300 I'll be using it indoors too. Today it's 65 degrees and I have Spring fever, dreaming of entertaining friends on our deck with this, my new BFF. Everything you need for outdoor drinking, entertaining and more drinking is right there, plus it also comes in a glossy white finish!

Kachow! now he's 4

Another year, another birthday... my little guy is now 4 and no longer a toddler. OK, while this makes me so sad, we sure do have fun making the most out of his birthdays.

Rule #1: It's not a party without a fun invite featuring best buds Mater and Lightning

This year is ALL about Lightning McQueen and the whole host of characters from Disney's CARS movie. A slight stretch from last year when it was all about Thomas, click
here for scenes from that party. I wonder what next year will bring?

Like most creative parents, I'm just not that "into" licensed character theme parties, but what's a mom supposed to do when kiddo eats, sleeps and breathes such things? Well, given the task at hand, I was able to assemble some form of an original design and place a (slightly) different spin on things compared to buying everything straight from the shelves at Target, not that there's anything wrong with that:)

Rule #2: It's ALL about the Goodie Bag!

I start dreaming about the goodie bag the minute my son tells me what kind of a birthday party he wants to have. Not sure when or where this all started, but there's just something so fun about coming up with cute and unique items as a way of saying THANK YOU to your friends for helping you celebrate. Everything from the bag itself, contents and of course the tag! The challenge this year was to come up with treats both girls and boys would enjoy. Thankfully Target is always spilling over with Princess goods.

Can you stand how cute these bags are? Hand sewn from 3 different CARS fabrics, all with red satin ribbon handles. Thanks to for exceeding my expectations on these little treasures. OK, I get to take credit for these Materdorable tags! Just love those teeth.

This was the first year he got to actually pick out everything to put in the goodie bags, plus hand pick which items each friend would get. That's what I call one heck of a custom bag and thoughtful kid. So much fun to hear him say..."I think Sam would like this bag with this red stamper and this blue pencil.." ok I think you get the picture.

Rule #3: Nothing says PARTY like handmade table decorations

Great little Sand Art kit we bought at Target, but can also find here.

Rule #4: When you need lots of "stuff" in a hurry to make a tiny party room look great, always visit here

When your birthday falls in late January and your parties have outgrown your house, not many choices left but to have your indoor party at a local bouncy place and let them handle 30 wild 4 year olds, right? No mess to clean up!! that's my kind of party. The picture above shows the calm before the STORM.

Rule #5: It's not a party without your neighborhood buds

It's a good thing these bouncy places make sure all the kids get their ya-ya's out before the birthday feast. Although we did have one kiddo who found his way back to the inflatables after much pizza and cake and well, let's just say.... we probably won't be invited back next year.

Rule #5: Birthday boys must have a super cute shirt to match the theme!

"Wow it's finally the day of my Lightning McQueen party, I'm speechless for once"

The Storm and the reason why parties have officially outgrown our house

Rule #6: Deny your mother the opportunity to have a unique and special cake made for your birthday by making sure Dairy Queen has every licensed character theme known to children.

All kidding aside, the ice cream cake was pretty delicious, even though it was January! My son saw this cake in the case at the mall over the Summer and never stopped talking about it.

Another birthday and more memories to cherish

time for goodbyes and quite the ladies' man, eh?

Friday, March 5, 2010

icandy- 68th edition

Happy Friday everyone! Today has me feeling all retro, french, carnivally inspired. There is just something so dreamy about everything that is retro and french, could it be those muted colors? or the surreal feeling these pictures of rides evoke? Today's grouping really makes me feel like I've stepped into a dream and I don't want to wake up for fear I'll have cotton candy sticking to my hair:) ENJOY!

1. Retro Popcorn Bags - Hey Yo Yo, Wisconsin $3.50
2. Colorfun Macarons Print - Pink Leaf Online, Boston $10.00
3. Le Manege Print - Serpentine, Reims $20.00
4. Heart Like A Wheel Photo - Bomobob, Canada $25.00
5. Vintage Stamped Carnival Tickets - Vintage Bliss, AZ $2.00
6. It's All So Amusing Print - Retrospect Photo, CA $20.00

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fire Hydrant Press Update + A Tribute To Snow

Can't you just see the wiggle?

Since starting my 2nd online shop Fire Hydrant Press (FHP), just over a year ago, I am constantly touched by the type of customers I meet. Click here to read how FHP got started. I figured people would get stationery and prints made of specific dog breeds to give as gifts for the dog lover who already has everything. I never even thought about customers wanting items as a way to remember their beloved pets who have passed onto pet heaven.

Recently I had the pleasure of being contacted by Jaslyn, a lovely duck owner (yes I said duck). She saw my custom silhouette option and asked if I would take on the task of making some note cards using a picture of Snow, her special duck that passed away over the holidays. How could I say no?

Instantly, I wanted to know more about Snow so I asked Jaslyn to share a little bit with us and here is what she said...

Sure, I'd be happy to share a little about Snow...

Snow was a rescue duck who came into our lives a little over five years ago. Soon after her arrival she was diagnosed with aspergillosis, a fungal infection of the lungs, and was given a 1 in 10 chance of surviving. With diligent medical care that included monthly 3-day stays at the veterinary hospital and daily nebulization, she slowly healed and eventually became a thriving, healthy, and very busy duck.

Snow loved hunting for worms and bugs in the lawn and relished the occasional mouse that would accidentally (and unfortunately) cross her path.

I purchased these cards as thank you notes to my friends and family who gave me so much support during her last illness (an egg laying-related disease) and eventually her passing shortly before the holidays.

Thank you again for the special service you offer.


Snow with her 2 geese friends Gargamel + Chinese

What a nice way to say Thank You

Now for a little Fire Hydrant Press update... As you know, FHP is a charitable division of InkSpot Workshop and a portion of each and every sale gets donated. I proudly write a check to Last Chance For Animals, every 3 months and as of today have donated $780.00. I also get approached from all types of animal rescue groups to donate items for auction, and so far have donated over $500.00 in goods.

Thank you everyone for all of your ongoing support!

Oh My Handmade - Social Media

I'm here today
Have a small, hand crafted business?
Come read about how you can utilize Social Media and Networking
to increase sales

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spread Some InkSpot Workshop Love

Here's a little something special just for my blog readers...

If you're a FAN of InkSpot Workshop paper goodies,


I now have a button for you and your friends to place on your blog or website,
see left sidebar for html code for you to simply copy and paste.

Once you are displaying your button proudly, post a link to your blog here for everyone to see. Then send me an email stacy {at} and I will gladly reward you with a coupon code for $10.00 off your next order at

It's my way of saying Thank You for all your support!!

Snow Day and New Traditions

Don't worry, you'll be an herb again....soon

Record breaking snow this Winter, eh? Although Al Gore is a bit distressed, we're loving the change of pace down here in the South. I grew up in the burbs of Cleveland, Ohio and saw my fair share of snow and had more snow days than we could count. The only time we got any time off from school was if it REALLY snowed.
As a kid, I remember the exciting feeling of sheer freedom on snow days. Something about being home from school, legally, and not sick made it so much more fun. For my neighbors and I it meant lots of snowball fights, snow forts, snow caves, you name it.

The dusting we got here in Atlanta, is something Ohioans would giggle about. My 4 year old will never know the true meaning of the word winter blizzard as long as we're in the South, but we're still having a great time and making some of our own traditions. I hope he looks back on these days as real bonding time between mommy and he.

my street the morning after, so serene and peacefully quiet.

how can something so delicate survive?

not everyone enjoys the stuff, don't eat yellow snow!

time to bake some fresh, hot cookies

someone can't keep their hands off

mmm, hot chocolate too? Mom, when can we do this again??
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