Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2 - A Christmas Story Fan

My favorite Christmas movie of all time is A Christmas Story. Not just because it's original and FUNNY! But because it was filmed in Cleveland, Ohio (my hometown) in the early '80's when I was just a little tween. I remember all the buzz and hype when they were filming because nobody EVER picks Cleveland to make a movie. The crew was downtown at the Higbee's department store, filming the famous Ralphie visiting Santa scene, where the elf kicked him down the slide, remember that one?

OK, thanks for my little trip down memory lane:) Now, let's get down to business. Yesterday I launched InkSpot Workshop's 12 Days of Christmas with gifts for the Flower Lover, click here to read full post.

Today I bring you (tongue in cheek) gifts for the A Christmas Story movie fan on your list!! Don't we all know one?
I discovered a virtual online portal for ALL things A Christmas Story movie related, a website called A Christmas Story House This site is filled with all sorts of movie memorabilia, behind the scenes facts, plus did you know you can actually take a trip to Cleveland and visit the real Christmas Story house? They have a whole tour, complete with a Chinese turkey dinner, who knew? Be sure to visit A Christmas Story House and have fun! PS. They also have a ton of fun gifts for Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation movie lovers.

Here are my personal picks for day 2 of InkSpot Workshop's 12 Days of Christmas...

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out T-Shirt
A Christmas Story House

Ralphie's Pink Bunny Suit (both adult + children's sizes)
A Christmas Story House

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp
50" Full Size Replica Complete with Wooden Crate

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Anonymous said...

Love this list! Walgreens has a $30 version of the leg lamp. They also have an $8 night light of the leg lamp, which made a hilarious White Elephant gift at my hubby's work party.

Lindy Harnarain said...

Oh my goodness we always got our Christmas dresses at Higbees. I haven't thought of them forever! Thank you for bringing that up. Such great memories.

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