Monday, December 13, 2010

Book Review - Silhouette Art by Vana Chupp

As I hang my hand painted silhouette ornament received last year from Le Papier Studio, forever preserving my little guy at age three, I can't help but think of the woman/mommy behind this heirloom. The patient and talented hands that painted this ornament belong to none other than Vana Chupp, of Le Papier Studio.

Photo Credit: Kasey Buick
Vana at Chicago's Renegade Fair

Vana, is among the handful of friends I made in my early "online" days that I formed a true friendship with, just over 2 years ago. She's also one of my few cyber friends that actually has a place in my phone, to call whenever I need advice or just want to say hello! She is gracious enough to always answer the phone {fully knowing what a Chatty Cathy I am} and give me her full attention, even with the busy schedule she keeps.

Her schedule is especially hectic these days since Vana now has the title "author" on her list of credits. Vana's first book titled Silhouette Art, published by Chronicle Books, launched in the Fall of 2010. I was pretty flattered when I received a message from her publicist wanting to send me an advanced copy to review and here it is...

Photo Credit: Kasey Buick

Silhouette Art is more than a book, it's literally a silhouette workbook. It's filled with step-by-step instructions for making silhouettes, patterns and many different projects to do with your silhouettes. The book also includes pages of the most exquisite patterned papers I've seen. She gives wonderful photo tips for taking pictures to make into silhouettes, plus includes stylish silhouettes of chairs, bassinets, etc... to easily compliment your personal silhouettes.

Photo Credits: Edyta Szyszlo

Click to see video of Vana in silhouette action!

I am so proud of Vana for all of her efforts and continued success with Silhouette Art. This book makes the perfect gift for anyone looking to make heirloom silhouettes of their family members, or just looking to make some elegant wall hangings for their house. Click here to buy Silhouette Art, or purchase it from your favorite bookstore.

Also stop by and read Le Papier Studio's Blog, it's full of inspiration!

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Vana said...

You're such a doll! I am so happy to have come to know you through this crazy world of internet! And I can't wait to meet you in person one day!
Thank you for giving my book such a rocking review!


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