Thursday, April 30, 2009

iCANDY - 35th edition

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It's been sort of sad around the house the past few days because our little birdies are no longer with us. It appears they have fallen victim to mother nature and the whole food chain of life. Understanding this process is natural still does not take away the sadness. For weeks we've been watching and waiting patiently from our back window. Everything from nest building, to egg laying, then only 1 week ago they hatched. To see their little lives chronicled click here. My 3 year old son gave me the sweetest words of encouragement..."Mommy, I'm sorry a shark came and ate your baby birdies."

This week's iCANDY is dedicated to images that make me feel happy, despite our little setback this week. Next Spring a lucky new Robin family will have their own birdhouse for safety!

1. Pastel Tulip Cupcake Liners - Cupcake Social, East Coast $4.25

2. Windowsill Tulips Wood Wall Panel - Rodeo & Co, Landaff $75.00

3. Little Bloom Pins - The Vintage Belljar, France $11.00

4. Smoochie Pillow - Robins Egg Pink, Ontario $20.00

5. Orange Simple Stems Ceramic Magnet - Lily Pottery, Greenville, SC $6.00

6. Cottage Birdhouse - Bacon Square Farm, Minnesota, $30.00


Monday, April 27, 2009

Mother's Day Giveaway

The newest additions to our backyard critter population have arrived and just in time for Mother's Day! They first made their debut here, just a few short weeks ago. It's so fascinating to watch how mommy and daddy Robin care {round the clock} for these little guys.

In honor of Mother's Day I'm offering a special giveaway...

Monday, April 28th - Sunday, May 3rd - 12:00 am EST

$50.000 InkSpot Workshop Gift Certificate

How? Simply leave a post telling how you plan to use this certificate should you be the lucky winner! To visit InkSpot Workshop click here. If you would like to use the certificate in my other shop, Fire Hydrant Press, click here.

One winner will be randomly drawn at 12:00 am EST, Sunday May 3rd and posted here.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Many Sides of ETSY Sellers

Most creative people have many facets to their interests and hobbies and probably a touch of ADD:) Since opening my second Etsy shop, Fire Hydrant Press, I've been taking notice of other sellers who have multiple shops. If I could clone myself I would have several shops to showcase all of my diverse hobbies. I'd have a shop for my chunky crocheted blankets, one for cross stitched keepsakes, one for edible goodies, and one for bubbles since I've always wanted to try my hand at making bath products.

One of my favorite paper shops Rifferaff, has recently undergone a complete makeover and is now a gorgeous soap shop. Of course Shannon is wrapping her soaps in her signature, hand printed wrapping sheets. She also has a highly informative blog called Make It, where she documents the ups and downs of running a small craft business. Thanks to her I was inspired to feature some "other sides" of a few of my favorite Etsy sellers.

How about Cassie, of MB Jewelry? This fellow Atlanta seller not only makes lovely pieces of jewelry, but has quite an eye for vintage style. She is making some adorable cards, paper weights and other cuteness over at Mint and Ivy.

Trained as an Architect, Vana, of Le Papier Studio not only can print a custom silhouette on just about anything these days, she can also make a stunning charcoal structural drawing. What a great Father's Day gift and you can see all of her work at Arkitektur.

Mia's understated elegance is showcased in her paper shop, Story By Mia and now she is designing jewelry with the same appeal at Mias Shoe Box. I love to see how a designer's style is transformed via different mediums.

Although both are soap shops, I love Cory's packaging and products and am a regular at Sweet Petulas. How fun is her new shop for pets called {what else?} Good Clean Dog?

Here is one little gem to really keep your eye on. Mega talented Jessica Gonacha, aka Jessica Swift (appearing Summer '09) is not only my new local Atlanta Etsy buddy, but is just exploding with creativity these days. She is now making her whimsical style of illustrating into digital files for all to enjoy. If you are the crafty type, get a set of her clipart and you can make just about anything from journaling pages, artwork for your wall, or fun iron ons for t-shirts. The sky is the limit over at Shadow Juniper.

For more Etsy sellers who have multiple shops, visit this thread

If you have many sides to your creativity, go ahead and give yourself a plug right here:)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's In A Name?

To most people the name of my business InkSpot Workshop makes sense because I make stationery, right? Well I bet you didn't know my business name has absolutely nothing to do with ink and everything to do with music?

Yes, as insane as that sounds it's 100% and pinkie swear the TRUTH! In my early twenties I got bitten by the food bug and all I wanted to do as a long range goal was to own and operate my very own restaurant. When I turned 30 I enrolled in culinary school as a birthday present to myself and held a day job as a food rep over the next couple of years, so I could get even closer to my dream.

I had my restaurant entirely planned out in my mind. Menu, decor, wait staff uniforms, you name it. It was going to have a 1940's feel to it and be decorated with music covers from bands of that era, plus just evoke that whole romantic feel from back then with lots of candlelight and a live piano player. Around this same time an old friend introduced me to the music of the Ink Spots. I instantly fell in love with their sound and at that moment I had a name for my dream restaurant, The Ink Spot Cafe.

See them on YouTube

Listen to samples of their music

(Java Jive and If I Didn't Care are my favorites)

I really never let go of that dream and a little bit of it is still with me today, which is why my business is called InkSpot Workshop. Thanks for letting me share:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

iCANDY - 34th Edition

Directions: For optimum viewing pleasure click on collage

Welcome to the 34th edition of iCANDY, InkSpot Workshop's weekly feature. I have so much fun gathering items for each week's feature and I find iCANDY just about everywhere. Most of my inspiration comes from the talented group of sellers on ETSY and now that I have been Twittering, I'm finding some new talent. This week's collage does not have any rhyme or reason, just images that I find pleasing and I hope you do to!

1. Sea Lotus - Kathi Roussel, Buffalo $195.00

2. Itty Bitty Bouquet - Mudpuppy, Denver $15.00

3. Lisette Earrings - The B-line, Michigan $19.00

4. Mod Flower Cashmere - Murdock Design, Northhampton $68.00

5. Hoot Hoot Gicele Print - Print Space, Australia $18.00

6. Nested - Wunderlust, New York $40.00

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Ending

Don't you just love stories with happy endings? Well here's one for you... a few months ago I introduced you to Brody, a Boston Terrier who was abandoned and in bad need of medical attention. Linda, from Bostons by the Bay Rescue contacted me about donating some Fire Hydrant Press items for an auction to help raise funds for his costly operation, see his poor little eye?

I'm happy to report not only was the Easter auction a success, Brody has found a new home (and lap apparently) see his new family portrait above.

Here is the set of note cards and magnets I donated and the fun Easter basket they were part of. Best Wishes to Brody and his new home and keep up the great work Bostons by the Bay!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Props

While browsing some of my favorite blogs I was introduced to the legendary Amy Atlas of Amy Atlas Events. It's safe to say I have an Internet crush of sorts on her:) Being a junkie for color I just get lost in these pictures of her famous dessert tables. Ooooooh, the hues, the textures, the cute paper accessories and my imagination can only run wild dreaming of the tastes.

I find it only fitting that the woman behind all of this amazement is as beautiful and unique as her parties. She only started her business in the Spring of 2007 and earlier this year quit her day job. What was her day job, you ask? Nope, she wasn't a caterer or a medical sales rep {like yours truly} she was a lawyer. How amusing since most lawyers I know aren't exactly, ahem.. CREATIVE! Isn't that inspirational? Apparently, the word got around fast {really fast} about her passion for arranging uncommon, store bought desserts into glorious tables for parties she would personally host.

Amy Atlas, herself
Recently a young bride-to-be asked me to make her a wedding paper suite in my cupcake design. She was having a candy dessert bar and wanted to base her entire theme on it. We carried this design on everything from magnets to give as hostess gifts to favor tags, you name it!

Amy Atlas dessert and candy tables are the inspiration for InkSpot Workshop's new product photos. I have been feverishly retaking all pictures as I prepare for the launch of my new website. The rainy Atlanta days have not been helping me, but here are just a few samples of the ways I am incorporating candy {among other goodies not yet released} into my shots.

These sweet origami paper flowers by Millalove, came all the way from England and arrived in one piece. Originally meant as cupcake toppers, I had the artist make a special batch for me without sticks and in colors to compliment my stationery.

Stay tuned for more sweet shots and the launch of! Coming soon.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

iCANDY - 33rd Edition

Directions: For optimum viewing pleasure click on collage

It's that time of year again and I'm feeling the pressure to get out in my yard, do some major weed excavation and put some pretty things in dirt! If only I could figure out how to keep those pesky squirrels out of my pots. Perhaps I should just dig up their nuts and place them around my pots, doing all the work for them?

This week's iCANDY is dedicated to fellow Etsy sellers who can help make your garden pretty.

1. Glass Containers - FT Glass Studio, San Diego $18.00

2. Organic Forget Me Not Seeds - Seven Acre Woods, Kentucky $2.00

3. Stoneware Bud Vase - Ryan Tekaba, San Antonio $185.00

4. Fancy Flower Stakes - Ruby Clover, Chicago $5.00

5. Hand Painted Ceramic Pot - Monkey Junkie Goods, San Diego $15.00

6. Organic Columbine Seeds - Smoky Mist Gardens, Seymour TN $1.75

Enjoy and Happy Planting!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Meet my new friends! Brand new original designs from InkSpot Workshop and now available in my shop. The black sheep is my favorite:) Try them personalized.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Frisky Critters

Warmer weather brings on some frisky behavior among the furry and feathery critters in my yard. I could not post pictures of what the squirrels have been doing right on my back deck and in front of everyone. Instead, I leave you with this picture of nature's innocence and right in my potted herbs. Looks like we are going to have some babies in a few weeks. Didn't want to get too close but once they arrive I will become the paparazzi.

Friday, April 3, 2009

iCANDY 32nd edition

Directions: For optimum viewing results click on collage

Happy Friday! If April {and March} showers bring May flowers then Atlanta is going to be a jungle. I can hardly take another day of dark, depressing rain so this week's iCANDY is dedicated to bright, cheery items that make me smile and look forward to the sun shining again.

1. Tea Towels, Inklore, California $32.00

2. Mini Bowl, Jill Rosenwald, Boston $42.00

3. 8 x 10 Print, Blissful Images, Portland $25.00

4. Recycled Tin Mini Dress Earrings, Shixie, Michigan $26.00

5. Letterpress Gift Tags, Sweetbeets, Canada $6.00

6. Secrets of the Sea, McCabe, Encinitas $na

Enjoy! and have a great weekend.
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