Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Props

While browsing some of my favorite blogs I was introduced to the legendary Amy Atlas of Amy Atlas Events. It's safe to say I have an Internet crush of sorts on her:) Being a junkie for color I just get lost in these pictures of her famous dessert tables. Ooooooh, the hues, the textures, the cute paper accessories and my imagination can only run wild dreaming of the tastes.

I find it only fitting that the woman behind all of this amazement is as beautiful and unique as her parties. She only started her business in the Spring of 2007 and earlier this year quit her day job. What was her day job, you ask? Nope, she wasn't a caterer or a medical sales rep {like yours truly} she was a lawyer. How amusing since most lawyers I know aren't exactly, ahem.. CREATIVE! Isn't that inspirational? Apparently, the word got around fast {really fast} about her passion for arranging uncommon, store bought desserts into glorious tables for parties she would personally host.

Amy Atlas, herself
Recently a young bride-to-be asked me to make her a wedding paper suite in my cupcake design. She was having a candy dessert bar and wanted to base her entire theme on it. We carried this design on everything from magnets to give as hostess gifts to favor tags, you name it!

Amy Atlas dessert and candy tables are the inspiration for InkSpot Workshop's new product photos. I have been feverishly retaking all pictures as I prepare for the launch of my new website. The rainy Atlanta days have not been helping me, but here are just a few samples of the ways I am incorporating candy {among other goodies not yet released} into my shots.

These sweet origami paper flowers by Millalove, came all the way from England and arrived in one piece. Originally meant as cupcake toppers, I had the artist make a special batch for me without sticks and in colors to compliment my stationery.

Stay tuned for more sweet shots and the launch of! Coming soon.


Perideau Designs said...

Love it all! I see you got some more rock candy. :-)

Inkspot Workshop said...

hee hee! yes and my dog Sammy survived her sugary feast!

modernemotive said...

What wonderful shots. Oh I wish I could be that creative when it comes to my photoshoots.

I'm been debating my own as of late. Right now, I shot in a lightbox but plan on jazzing things up a bit perhaps with props and more fancy backgrounds - I may as well put my material stash to work huh?

Thanks for the inspiration.


Inkspot Workshop said...

I love my lightbox outdoors only. But now I've discovered this corner of my bedroom gets the best light for my shots, plus the walls are painted a shade of blue that looks great with my stationery. Not sure hubby likes the fact our room is turning into a photo studio:)

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

I am obsessed with the work of Amy Atlas. I found her through HWTM, and all of her dessert tables are gorgeous and inspiring! I recently marked those folded flower cupcake toppers as a fave on Etsy! I think we share a passion for fabulous pretty things! :)

ashlan said...

I love my wedding invitations!! I hope the candy/dessert bar at my wedding looks as good as the Amy Atlas stuff! Thanks again for your help!

Inkspot Workshop said...

Hi Ashlan, thanks for reading! I can only imagine how excited you must be right now! Enjoy.

Tizzalicious said...

All that color makes me happy! :)

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