Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's In A Name?

To most people the name of my business InkSpot Workshop makes sense because I make stationery, right? Well I bet you didn't know my business name has absolutely nothing to do with ink and everything to do with music?

Yes, as insane as that sounds it's 100% and pinkie swear the TRUTH! In my early twenties I got bitten by the food bug and all I wanted to do as a long range goal was to own and operate my very own restaurant. When I turned 30 I enrolled in culinary school as a birthday present to myself and held a day job as a food rep over the next couple of years, so I could get even closer to my dream.

I had my restaurant entirely planned out in my mind. Menu, decor, wait staff uniforms, you name it. It was going to have a 1940's feel to it and be decorated with music covers from bands of that era, plus just evoke that whole romantic feel from back then with lots of candlelight and a live piano player. Around this same time an old friend introduced me to the music of the Ink Spots. I instantly fell in love with their sound and at that moment I had a name for my dream restaurant, The Ink Spot Cafe.

See them on YouTube

Listen to samples of their music

(Java Jive and If I Didn't Care are my favorites)

I really never let go of that dream and a little bit of it is still with me today, which is why my business is called InkSpot Workshop. Thanks for letting me share:)

1 comment:

Amy (the b-line) said...

What a cool story! I love how your name fits your current business perfectly but still pays homage to your dream.

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