Friday, April 3, 2009

iCANDY 32nd edition

Directions: For optimum viewing results click on collage

Happy Friday! If April {and March} showers bring May flowers then Atlanta is going to be a jungle. I can hardly take another day of dark, depressing rain so this week's iCANDY is dedicated to bright, cheery items that make me smile and look forward to the sun shining again.

1. Tea Towels, Inklore, California $32.00

2. Mini Bowl, Jill Rosenwald, Boston $42.00

3. 8 x 10 Print, Blissful Images, Portland $25.00

4. Recycled Tin Mini Dress Earrings, Shixie, Michigan $26.00

5. Letterpress Gift Tags, Sweetbeets, Canada $6.00

6. Secrets of the Sea, McCabe, Encinitas $na

Enjoy! and have a great weekend.


buffet said...

those tag are really nice!!

Lara Cooper said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Don't know if you got my email, but wanted to ask if you could pump out some business cards for me pretty quickly. I've got a really big wedding next week and I'd love to have some new cards! Do you think you'll have time to throw something together for me?

Thanks, Stacy! Keep up the fantastic work!


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