Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Ending

Don't you just love stories with happy endings? Well here's one for you... a few months ago I introduced you to Brody, a Boston Terrier who was abandoned and in bad need of medical attention. Linda, from Bostons by the Bay Rescue contacted me about donating some Fire Hydrant Press items for an auction to help raise funds for his costly operation, see his poor little eye?

I'm happy to report not only was the Easter auction a success, Brody has found a new home (and lap apparently) see his new family portrait above.

Here is the set of note cards and magnets I donated and the fun Easter basket they were part of. Best Wishes to Brody and his new home and keep up the great work Bostons by the Bay!


Creations With Heart said...

What a beautiful story! Brody is a blessed puppy! ...And so is his new mommy! :)

Emily Ley Paper said...

Oh this just warms my heart!! I have a boston terrior myself... Harley Bogart. He curls up at my feet when I'm on the computer working... or he sometimes climbs into my lap to watch. What precious work Bostons by the Bay is doing!

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