Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Many Sides of ETSY Sellers

Most creative people have many facets to their interests and hobbies and probably a touch of ADD:) Since opening my second Etsy shop, Fire Hydrant Press, I've been taking notice of other sellers who have multiple shops. If I could clone myself I would have several shops to showcase all of my diverse hobbies. I'd have a shop for my chunky crocheted blankets, one for cross stitched keepsakes, one for edible goodies, and one for bubbles since I've always wanted to try my hand at making bath products.

One of my favorite paper shops Rifferaff, has recently undergone a complete makeover and is now a gorgeous soap shop. Of course Shannon is wrapping her soaps in her signature, hand printed wrapping sheets. She also has a highly informative blog called Make It, where she documents the ups and downs of running a small craft business. Thanks to her I was inspired to feature some "other sides" of a few of my favorite Etsy sellers.

How about Cassie, of MB Jewelry? This fellow Atlanta seller not only makes lovely pieces of jewelry, but has quite an eye for vintage style. She is making some adorable cards, paper weights and other cuteness over at Mint and Ivy.

Trained as an Architect, Vana, of Le Papier Studio not only can print a custom silhouette on just about anything these days, she can also make a stunning charcoal structural drawing. What a great Father's Day gift and you can see all of her work at Arkitektur.

Mia's understated elegance is showcased in her paper shop, Story By Mia and now she is designing jewelry with the same appeal at Mias Shoe Box. I love to see how a designer's style is transformed via different mediums.

Although both are soap shops, I love Cory's packaging and products and am a regular at Sweet Petulas. How fun is her new shop for pets called {what else?} Good Clean Dog?

Here is one little gem to really keep your eye on. Mega talented Jessica Gonacha, aka Jessica Swift (appearing Summer '09) is not only my new local Atlanta Etsy buddy, but is just exploding with creativity these days. She is now making her whimsical style of illustrating into digital files for all to enjoy. If you are the crafty type, get a set of her clipart and you can make just about anything from journaling pages, artwork for your wall, or fun iron ons for t-shirts. The sky is the limit over at Shadow Juniper.

For more Etsy sellers who have multiple shops, visit this thread

If you have many sides to your creativity, go ahead and give yourself a plug right here:)

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