Friday, January 30, 2009

"Ink"spiration Everywhere!

So I've been getting in the creative mood again which is a great thing. I find myself getting inspired by just about everything in my surroundings. Here is my latest example... First I bought this cute little purse from Sage Saks, then I saw these gorgeous pillows in a magazine, voila my new Old World Damask note cards were born.

I also forgot to mention I was a child in the 1970's and this was very popular velvet wallpaper, in fact my childhood home had it plastered in just about every room! looked great with the shag carpet.

I'm feeling generous and have not done a FREE Lunch giveaway in a while.
From now until Monday February 2nd
post here telling me how you would use these lovely cards.
I will then have my trusty 3 year old assistant select a name at random to win a set.
Winner will be posted on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

iCANDY - 24th Edition

Directions: Click on iCANDY collage for optimum viewing pleasure

Mmmmmm! so juicy can't you just taste these? I've been battling a cold {like everyone else} for the past couple weeks and have become quite fond of vitamin C, Airborne and Emergen-C. I guess it's only natural I'm drawn to these fruity and fun items from my fellow Etsy sellers.

1. Appledot Burp Cloth - KJ Cowan, Minnesota, $7.50

2. Tangelo Earrings - Polished, Austin, TX $8.50

3. Citrus Slice Soap - Epically Epic Soap, Chicago, $4.00

4. Blood Orange Hand Dyed Yarn - Little Creek Yarn, New York $38.00

5. Indoor Valencia Orange Tree Seeds - Seven Acre Woods, Kentucky $5.00

6. Orange Fruit Resin Ring - Penny Dog Accessories, Loughborough, UK $16.00

ENJOY! if you have some iCANDY you'd like me to know about, send me a message.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...and now he's 3

Well it was a bittersweet weekend over at my house this past weekend. Bitter because my little love is now 3 and that means next year he will be 4. I just want to bottle him up and remember him as the sweet little guy he is right now! He is so affectionate and says the cutest things all the time, even thanks me when I give him a kiss. How can 3 years fly by so quickly? Sweet because Nathan is really into Thomas The Tank Engine so this was his party theme and we had a whole basement full of more than 20 little tikes. They really had a blast tumbling around in the Thomas play hut tent.

I offer Custom Party Packs over at my shop and had so much fun creating my very own Thomas themed pack. This item is not for sale in my shop, but if you would like me to make one up for your little guy, just send me an email or post here.

No party is complete without a goody bag choc-full-of fun. These Thomas whistles came from Party City and the tags were made by yours truly.

We included coloring pages which I found here and who could resist these hand made Thomas the train crayons from Gaddy Nipper Crayon Shop on Etsy?
Must have some sweets for the little sweeties! Check out these adorable Thomas suckers from Sweet Lollipop Shop. They are made from barley and not corn syrup - SO TASTY!

Cake Time! How cute are these train conductor party hats? also from Party City. The Thomas Carnival cake was a real show stopper and I found it at Publix (grocery stores in the South) It tasted even better than it looked.

At Last! Nothing like getting a little help from your friend

Having fun with Grandma and Nana

Can't he stay this way forever? I Love You Little Buddy!
PS. I'm wearing my favorite "Mommy" T-shirt from Fire Daughter Clothing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Facebook Rehab!

I'm sure most of you are already on Facebook? or have at least heard of it? Well, I was a little behind the techo times {apparently} since I've had an account since August, but just didn't know what I was supposed to do with it! Now I'm HOOKED! Thanks to my old pal Lisa {the one who took this lovely picture Circa Spring 1986, North Olmsted, Ohio} who also got me hooked on eBay.

You too can have all sorts of lovely old pictures show up for everyone to get a good laugh at your hair, plus reconnect with really, really old friends. WARNING! Facebook is just as addicting as Oxycontin. Once you get yourself an account and start connecting with kids you knew when you were a kid, you will find all sorts of time flying by and getting wasted just being on the "darn computer".

I even started an InkSpot Workshop Facebook page, stop by and become a fan!!

After a few weeks the newness will wear off and the dust will settle and life will appear as it did BF (before Facebook) only just a bit funner. Somehow chatting with people who "knew you when" is humbling and bringing back old memories really fills your heart.

PS. Can you believe my own husband still has not added me as a friend? Are these new grounds for divorce?:**

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

iCANDY - 23rd Edition

Instructions: For optimum viewing pleasure, click on iCANDY collage

Brrrr! this cold weather {yes, even here in Hotlanta} has got me thinking about things warm and fuzzy. Check out these unique finds from fellow Etsians. As always, this week's iCANDY feature is warmly brought to you by InkSpot Workshop.

1. Crocheted Flower Necklace - Pretty Penny Designs, Los Angeles, $45.00

2. Cupcake Crocheted Earrings - Eat Your Greens, Vancouver, BC, $23.00

3. Mini Monkey Flap Hat - Cite Fuzz, Canada, $26.00

4. Soft Cotton Bracelets - Eastern Sky, Shropshire, UK, $30.00

5. Daisy Bliss Clutch - Shanineal, Pittsburgh, $45.00

6. Cross My Heart Wrap - Moo Cow Hand Knits, Liverpool, UK, $80.00


Sunday, January 18, 2009


If you live in Atlanta, you won't want to miss out on this bi-annual sale going on at the Beehive in Buckhead on P'tree Rd, across the street from Piedmont Hospital and next door to Cafe Intermezzo. This unique boutique offers a wide variety of hand crafted items from local artisans. You can find everything from soap, clothing, teas, jewelry to paper and much more! I'm offering my Holiday 2008 line at 40% off, so hurry and head on down to the Beehive, before the selection of clearance items buzzes away.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank You Santa!

Oh! I guess I've been a very good girl this year:) Look what Santa left under my tree!

I'm just ecstatic about my new printer and have been playing around with it all week. I think I finally have all the settings figured out and really love the way every one's orders have turned out. InkSpot Workshop has really grown since launching in April 2008, so much it warranted a new printer. It was time to retire my trusty HP, which is now my backup, and upgrade to the industry standard, an Epson.

Thanks to the suggestion and support from Etsy pal Sara Tams of Sarah and Abraham, I asked Santa for the Epson Stylus Photo 1400. I really wanted something that would superbly print large areas of solids onto card stock and that's exactly what it has been delivering.

Having this new printer will allow me to print on thicker card stock so more good news for my customers! Starting this week, all InkSpot Workshop items will be printed on a thicker weight 110# card stock than offered before.

Stay tuned for more good things coming your way in 2009!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

iCANDY - 22nd edition

Directions: Click on collage for ultimate viewing

It's a new year and InkSpot Workshop's iCANDY has been given a little face lift. What do you think? Instead of focusing on 3 artists, I've increased it to 6.

In keeping with the theme from my last post, I've included some intriguing items featuring the new hot color for 2009, MIMOSA! This color really lifts my spirit, how about you?

These featured items come from following fellow Etsy sellers...

1. Mustard Bird Laptop Sleeve, Mareri, New York - $40.00

2. La La Love You Poster, Sparkle Power, Cleveland (my homeland) - $10.00

3. The Yellow "Felt Rose" Garden, Nesta Home, Phoenix - $17.00

4. Floating Yellow "Fused Glass" Flowers, Penny Glass Girl, Toronto - $16.00

5. Chii The Lamb Leather Keychain - Leather Prince, Singapore - $17.00

6. Yellow Laugh Handmade Journal, An Urban Twist 2, Asheville, NC - $10.50


Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 - Year Of The MIMOSA

It's been officially declared! 2009 is not the year of the monkey, it is the year of the MIMOSA! At least according to Pantone. They chose this color, Pantone 14-0848 Mimosa {to be exact} because it "embodies hopefullness and reassurance in a climate of change.} I agree. Who doesn't like this bright, cheery color?

I'll take mine with extra Champagne please!!

So glad to be ahead of the curve for once. This is my office under redesign as we speak. I did opt to keep the wall color because it energizes my creative juices.

InkSpot Workshop's answer to hopefullness and all of the bad news we are bombarded with every day.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Hello! It has been a little while since my last post so I thought I'd do a little catching up with everyone. Like most people, the past 2 weeks have been a blurr. With time off from work, school, slowing down of InkSpot Workshop orders, plus the help of visiting grandparents for the holidays we thought it would be a good idea to tackle some household projects. Numero Uno being my son's new Big Boy Room! I never thought I'd cry over packing up a crib, but the time is here. Hard to believe almost 3 years has passed since we first decorated this room as a nursery. His new room is currently being transformed into a mixture of both Disney's CARS and Thomas the Tank Engine. How to do this tastefully? Stay tuned to see the final results. Of course in about 2 weeks he should change his interests all together and we'll have to redecorate!

Now we are crying because we miss the crib... said toddler is not adjusting to his new bed, which means we are getting regular visits to our bed at 4:30 am. Every one's tired and crabby around here, almost like having a newborn again. If anyone has any suggestions for helping a little guy make the switch from crib to bed....I'm all EARS!

Before the room project started, we enjoyed a fantastic Christmas with our friends and family. Here's a shot I got just after Santa visited late Christmas Eve.

Continuing with the whole Thomas and CARS theme is an adorable ornament from Holiday Home Ornaments, compliments of Nana.
And this absolutely beautiful hand painted ornament from Stella Baby Designs. I wish I could paint!

Such a thrill to watch the little guy rip open all his "surprises". He turns 3 in just a few weeks, so this was the first Christmas where he finally understood what was going on and was so excited.
The AFTERMATH! Such a site. This is surely one to save and show his first date. A representation of all his interests rolled into one complete look. His new red bike he calls his "sleigh" and thinks he's Santa but wears a shark towel instead of a red suit. One foot has on a new CARS shoe, which actually never come off so this was a rare shot. At 2.90 he is shaving! must be the hormones in the beef:) His new Thomas the Train razor seems to do a great job.

Things are finally settling back down to normal and everyone got to enjoy some cupcakes with the neighbors. Happy Birthday Ryder!
I hope you all had a chance to enjoy the holidays. Happy New Year!
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