Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...and now he's 3

Well it was a bittersweet weekend over at my house this past weekend. Bitter because my little love is now 3 and that means next year he will be 4. I just want to bottle him up and remember him as the sweet little guy he is right now! He is so affectionate and says the cutest things all the time, even thanks me when I give him a kiss. How can 3 years fly by so quickly? Sweet because Nathan is really into Thomas The Tank Engine so this was his party theme and we had a whole basement full of more than 20 little tikes. They really had a blast tumbling around in the Thomas play hut tent.

I offer Custom Party Packs over at my shop and had so much fun creating my very own Thomas themed pack. This item is not for sale in my shop, but if you would like me to make one up for your little guy, just send me an email or post here.

No party is complete without a goody bag choc-full-of fun. These Thomas whistles came from Party City and the tags were made by yours truly.

We included coloring pages which I found here and who could resist these hand made Thomas the train crayons from Gaddy Nipper Crayon Shop on Etsy?
Must have some sweets for the little sweeties! Check out these adorable Thomas suckers from Sweet Lollipop Shop. They are made from barley and not corn syrup - SO TASTY!

Cake Time! How cute are these train conductor party hats? also from Party City. The Thomas Carnival cake was a real show stopper and I found it at Publix (grocery stores in the South) It tasted even better than it looked.

At Last! Nothing like getting a little help from your friend

Having fun with Grandma and Nana

Can't he stay this way forever? I Love You Little Buddy!
PS. I'm wearing my favorite "Mommy" T-shirt from Fire Daughter Clothing.


FiredaughterClothing said...

Stacy that looks like it was the funnest party EVER- thanks for the link to the lollipop shop, I will definately be buying from them in the future.
p.s. I LOVE your shirt you're wearing!!

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks Samya! I was trying to get a picture showing the cute "Mommy" wording on the front. It's my new favorite shirt from your line:)

Anonymous said...

Stacy love all the Thomas stuff. You think of everything! Three is such a fun age. Frustrating, but fun! I just told my ten yr. old son last night, "Please stop growing up." I tell him that every year. It goes by so fast.

p.s. love the color of your dining room walls-amazing!

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks Pam! The color in my dining room is Citronella and it's from Sherwin Williams, here's a link http://marketplace.hgtv.com/Product.aspx?Lid=1962-7111537

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