Thursday, January 29, 2009

iCANDY - 24th Edition

Directions: Click on iCANDY collage for optimum viewing pleasure

Mmmmmm! so juicy can't you just taste these? I've been battling a cold {like everyone else} for the past couple weeks and have become quite fond of vitamin C, Airborne and Emergen-C. I guess it's only natural I'm drawn to these fruity and fun items from my fellow Etsy sellers.

1. Appledot Burp Cloth - KJ Cowan, Minnesota, $7.50

2. Tangelo Earrings - Polished, Austin, TX $8.50

3. Citrus Slice Soap - Epically Epic Soap, Chicago, $4.00

4. Blood Orange Hand Dyed Yarn - Little Creek Yarn, New York $38.00

5. Indoor Valencia Orange Tree Seeds - Seven Acre Woods, Kentucky $5.00

6. Orange Fruit Resin Ring - Penny Dog Accessories, Loughborough, UK $16.00

ENJOY! if you have some iCANDY you'd like me to know about, send me a message.

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