Sunday, January 25, 2009

Facebook Rehab!

I'm sure most of you are already on Facebook? or have at least heard of it? Well, I was a little behind the techo times {apparently} since I've had an account since August, but just didn't know what I was supposed to do with it! Now I'm HOOKED! Thanks to my old pal Lisa {the one who took this lovely picture Circa Spring 1986, North Olmsted, Ohio} who also got me hooked on eBay.

You too can have all sorts of lovely old pictures show up for everyone to get a good laugh at your hair, plus reconnect with really, really old friends. WARNING! Facebook is just as addicting as Oxycontin. Once you get yourself an account and start connecting with kids you knew when you were a kid, you will find all sorts of time flying by and getting wasted just being on the "darn computer".

I even started an InkSpot Workshop Facebook page, stop by and become a fan!!

After a few weeks the newness will wear off and the dust will settle and life will appear as it did BF (before Facebook) only just a bit funner. Somehow chatting with people who "knew you when" is humbling and bringing back old memories really fills your heart.

PS. Can you believe my own husband still has not added me as a friend? Are these new grounds for divorce?:**


Anonymous said...

So funny, and so true. Facebook is like crack! I have a bittersweet relationship with it. In some respects it is great to reconnect with old friends, but sometimes there is a reason why you don't talk to some of them. I agree it is humbling to remember with those who knew you before you even knew who you would become. Our kids will never know what it is like to lose contact with their high school friends. I think once the newness wears off for us it will not be so addicting...I hope!

Inkspot Workshop said...

Exactly! Why don't we just pick up the phone and talk to these people? I guess because of multi tasking we can talk to dozens at the same time? Facebook may just take the place of email.

jess gonacha said...

ha! when i finally made ryan sign up for facebook, he said he was engaged to me, and then listed himself as single as a joke, and then relisted himself as engaged, so i kept getting all these congratulations emails from people on getting engaged! it was retarded. :) i love that your hubby hasn't added you as a friend- that's hilarious!!

call me soon- let's get together!

FiredaughterClothing said...

Where's Penny??!!! I need some vintage Penny pics too :)

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