Thursday, April 29, 2010

iCANDY - Mother's Day 2010

Favorite Foodzie Picks For Mother's Day

If your mom is half as sweet as this lineup, then I bet you turned out pretty well, right? This week's iCANDY is all about some last minute gifts you can easily pickup from my favorite artisan food site, FOODZIE. Enjoy and make sure to brush your teeth after reading this:)

1. Caramel Nut Bar - Bon Bon Bar, CA $15.00
2. Flower Cookies - Sharp Cookie, TX $6.00
3. For Her Tea Set - Tavalon, NJ $48.00
4. Sweets Gift Set - Valerie Confections, CA $70.00
5. Pretty In Pink Vanilla Marshmallows - Have It Sweet, CA $9.00
6. Mom Themed Sweet Box - Platine, CA $40.00

Cute Idea - gifts to match the nursery

Gio Aqua Crib Bedding by DWELL STUDIO
Zoo Crew Note Cards by InkSpot Workshop

Isn't this a great idea? Inspired by a new mommy who asked me to make my Zoo Crew Note Cards in the colors of her new baby's nursery. Aren't these adorable? I also love it when I get asked to make invitations to match a new baby nursery, so much more personal and special than those "off the shelf" paper goods wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Step 1 - Custom Design

Remember Meg from Rodeo & Co who won my Custom Design package? Well as promised, I'm showing you a behind the scenes look at the different steps that take place whenever a custom design is being "thunk" up. It's like solving a mystery. I will post each step as they happen in real life, so stay tuned for the finished product and pictures from the real life party.

A little background... Meg (a busy photographer) has a little guy who will be turning 3 in July. So far the only clues she has given me are...

- 3 year old loves horses and is currently reading a horse anatomy book (yes I said anatomy)
- Family has a farm or a barn where there they will be having the party
- Likes the idea of somehow incorporating horse shoes into the design (will probably make envelope liner from these)
- Since it's a birthday, put a party hat on the horse
- Son looks really cute in his cowboy boots
- Likes red and white polka dots, already has a table cloth and cupcake wrappers in this pattern

That's all I had to go on, so what do you think? Some people prefer a background, while others want something more plain so I gave her a couple choices just so she could see. I sure hope she loves the little horse, especially the cute little horse shoe brand on his rump. Can't wait to hear and post what she comes back at me with.... stay tuned!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lovin' Paper Stripey Straws

Photos compliments of Sweet Paul

Now that Summer is just around the corner, I've been getting tons of requests for both my Ice Cream and Popsicle designs over at InkSpot Not to mention my own little guy's daily request to have ice cream, which in his mind is the only daily food group!

I just love the look of old fashioned paper stripey straws, gives any get together a nostalgic look and feel. Also makes me wish I lived back in the days when the old fashioned dime store soda fountain was the town's gathering spot. Boy was I ever born late?

As a kid in the '70's I remember hot Summer evenings and making our own ice cream sodas with 7-Up and any flavor ice cream we had in the house. Who could resist all that foamy goodness?

Photos compliments of Cindy Chae

I just love how party designers and wedding planners are using these retro straws as design elements. No minute detail is ever over looked, right?

Photo compliments of Project Wedding

Photo compliments of Oh Happy Day

Photo compliments of Little Birdie Boutique

They are perfect for making party favors too!

The best part of these fun little pieces-of-the-past is they are readily available today! Check out Etsy's lineup or try Kikkerland, where a box of 50 is just $3.00.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cuteness Alert - Cupcake Kits

These little Cupcake Kits from Meri Meri are quite possibly the most clever and adorable things ever! I found them at my new favorite website Plates and Napkins!!

I'm always getting asked if I personalize plates and napkins and have to say no, since they would really mess up my printer:) Now I can send people to a site that carries oodles of patterns for napkins, plates and tons of other fun party decorating supplies. They even offer personalization! Click here to check them out and here to join their Facebook Page.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Honey Drizzled Chicken

Honey Drizzled Chicken, Vanilla Rice & Asian Broccoli

Busy FOODIES unite! Who says you can't have easy weeknight recipes that still "feel" gourmet?? I'm completely done with any recipe where there is more than 1 processed food item or can of soup (ok but they really can be tasty). Just because a recipe is a time saver, doesn't mean it can't be unique and somewhat healthy, right? One of the hardest things for me is to get organized enough to plan a few nights were I cook for my family, something I actually do enjoy when I have the time. Let's face it, working my {day } job, running InkSpot Workshop, being a mom, etc... takes up a full day and then some, right? This means our local restaurants really, really LOVE us!

One of my new friends "KW" is also a busy foodie and choc-full of great, easy recipes. She's like my own personal Real Simple magazine. Which by the way is my absolute most favorite magazine for simple, gourmet"esque" recipes. Click here to browse. KW recently shared this dinner recipe with me and after making it for my family on Sunday, I'm head over heels and hope you will be too. Any dish that incorporates both salty and sweet has my vote! She told me the Honey Drizzled Chicken came about as a mistake. I plan on posting lots of her mistakes right here, so stay tuned.

Honey Drizzled Chicken, Vanilla Rice and Asian Broccoli

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Winner Is...

Congratulations MEG!!

You're the lucky winner of
InkSpot Workshop's 2nd Birthday Giveaway

Thanks to the handy Random Number Generator
Your little guy is going to have a most memorable 2nd birthday!

Thank you everyone for entering!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

iCandy Update!

Guess what readers?
I have a special deal just for you!
Iroshka contacted me after my most recent iCANDY post on
Spring Purses
and wants to give each and every one of you
25% OFF
in her shop
simply mention iCANDY during checkout
or contact her directly

She has the most feminine line of clothing and purses I've ever seen!

Friday, April 16, 2010

iCandy - 71st edition

Well... as you can see I'm up to some shopping. I'm in need of a cute, new purse for Spring and (trust me) it's a tough challenge with so many adorable finds on Etsy. I just can't get enough of all the floral appliques I'm seeing this Spring. They make me feel girly, even if I am middle aged:) I nearly bought out J. Crew last weekend from floral flip-flops, t-shirts to the most supreme floral ribbon belt ever! Now I just need some fun purses.

Here's a lineup of some of my favorites, won't you help me choose?

1. Rich Pink Flower Bag - Iroshka, England $85.00
2. Sunshine Garden Purse - Yen4Yarn, Wisconsin $34.00
3. Sweet Blossom Purse - Star Bags, Turkey $72.00
4. Pink Purse - Sweet Nola, Virginia $34.00
5. Bamboo Edged Wallet Purse - Kirevi888, Istanbul $39.00
6. Clutch Purse - Jennifer Ladd, Wisconsin $75.00

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You (heart) me... you really, really (heart) me

I'd like to say
3,837 times

It's been a while since I looked at my Etsy shop hearts
and boy was I ever blown away.

Thank you everyone for finding my little space of web heaven:0

If I were a font series... Angel Tears

Don't you just love finding a font that really helps to set the mood for an event? I recently discovered (and fell in ♥ with) the font Angel Tears. I'm especially drawn to the feminine, handmade way it looks, perfect for your girly get together, don't you think? Especially when it's paired with Gordon Heights. I'm completely stuck on matching ornate fonts with simple script ones, just love how well they balance each other. Oh... and did I mention these fonts are FREE! Special thank you to Daisy Janie for the color inspiration.

These little creations are not for sale in my shop, however if you see something you'd like during this If I were a font series... just contact me.

Enjoy and feel free to share your favorite fonts with me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Flowers ...good enough to eat

These tiny little flowers really caught my eye this morning
So tiny and delicate
Can you believe they are made from rolled fondant?

then used to decorate these adorable little Cookie Hats
I think they would also be fun as decorations all by themselves
in multi colors against a plain colored frosted flat cookie,
for a modern and chic twist

They remind me of my favorite jewelry from The B-Line,
made out of polymer clay.
I get tons of compliments when I wear these, can you see why?

Monday, April 5, 2010

InkSpot Workshop Turns 2

So hard to believe I started my little side stationery business years ago. So here we are... over 2,000 sales, 100% positive feedback, 2 Etsy shops (InkSpot Workshop and Fire Hydrant Press), 1 blog, 1 Facebook Fan Page, 1 Twitter Page and 1 dedicated website later. Whew! and still loving every minute of it!

I can honestly say InkSpot Workshop would not be nearly the success it is today if it weren't for one simple reason.....YOU! MY INCREDIBLE CUSTOMERS!!!

It is because of you and all of your positive feedback that I constantly strive to come up with unique and original designs, use only the best quality paper and supplies to make my goodies, painstakingly obsess over every detail of every project and wake up each morning (even most weekends) at 5am so excited to get to work.

How can I ever say THANK YOU!!? Well, for starters, how about a huge giveaway?


Simply leave a reply here on my blog
telling me what type of party you are planning and why,
how you will use my custom design service,
plus what paper goodies you will have me make with your new design
It's that EASY!

I will choose 1 lucky winner on Sunday, April 18th at midnight and post the winner here on my blog. Please be sure to leave an email address so I may reach you. I will also blog about the whole design process we embark upon, plus feature your party right here. So much fun to see the end result. GOOD LUCK!

If you're not already signed up for InkSpot Workshop's e-newsletter, click here. You won't want to miss out on the special 2nd Birthday Party coupon code being sent shortly.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hi Tech Kitchens for Low Tech Food

Photos and full article courtesy of Inhabitat

Well, looks like the French have done it again! First they give us modern cooking as we know it via Master Escoffier, now they have revolutionized the modern kitchen with EKOKOOK by Faltazi design, makers of ultra modern appliances.

Ekokook not only has compartments for energy efficient appliances built right into the design, it hosts 5 separate systems for glass, paper, cans, plastic and organic waste.
Also makes a great exercise wheel for your pet gerbil:)

I love the sleek lines - It's a true workspace! I especially could use all the different drawers, see the one on the bottom? It's short term storage for fresh produce, how great is that?

Never to be outdone by the French, the US has a few "green" kitchens up their sleeves as well. here is Whirlpool's "green" kitchen

How pretty is this one from Oregon based Studio Gorm?

It's funny how I tend to think of these hi tech kitchens as preparing hi tech food like astronauts would eat. Instead they are meant for the opposite. Our food is going backwards in time (no pesticides, organic, farm-to-table etc..) but our kitchens are getting more hi-tech. Perhaps the next trend will be hi tech engineered food being prepared in kitchens with dirt floors, a well outside and an open fire? Like the colonial days. Only time will tell.

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