Monday, April 5, 2010

InkSpot Workshop Turns 2

So hard to believe I started my little side stationery business years ago. So here we are... over 2,000 sales, 100% positive feedback, 2 Etsy shops (InkSpot Workshop and Fire Hydrant Press), 1 blog, 1 Facebook Fan Page, 1 Twitter Page and 1 dedicated website later. Whew! and still loving every minute of it!

I can honestly say InkSpot Workshop would not be nearly the success it is today if it weren't for one simple reason.....YOU! MY INCREDIBLE CUSTOMERS!!!

It is because of you and all of your positive feedback that I constantly strive to come up with unique and original designs, use only the best quality paper and supplies to make my goodies, painstakingly obsess over every detail of every project and wake up each morning (even most weekends) at 5am so excited to get to work.

How can I ever say THANK YOU!!? Well, for starters, how about a huge giveaway?


Simply leave a reply here on my blog
telling me what type of party you are planning and why,
how you will use my custom design service,
plus what paper goodies you will have me make with your new design
It's that EASY!

I will choose 1 lucky winner on Sunday, April 18th at midnight and post the winner here on my blog. Please be sure to leave an email address so I may reach you. I will also blog about the whole design process we embark upon, plus feature your party right here. So much fun to see the end result. GOOD LUCK!

If you're not already signed up for InkSpot Workshop's e-newsletter, click here. You won't want to miss out on the special 2nd Birthday Party coupon code being sent shortly.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Happy birthday and congratulations on all of your success!! I love to write to people, and always get compliments on my firehydrant press cards! : )

Anyways, I'm throwing a bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister in law!! Her and my brother got engaged just two weeks ago and I couldn't be more thrilled! I would love for you to design some beautiful invitations (I'm kind of envisioning the silhouette of a bride?), and maybe some cupcake toppers and maybe some napkin rings?? I don't know!

Anyways, again congratulations on all of your success and sorry for the longest comment ever! : )


Brittanie said...

My sons birthday is coming up and I'd like to make 3 a big one for him! I'd love to go label crazy on cupcakes, gift bags and anything else. I'm in definite need of your design expertise!

Nathalie said...

Such a cool giveaway! Congrats on hitting the big 2-0.
I'd love love to get some custom designs done for someone else I know who is turning two - it's my nephew's 2nd birthday in July. Our family own and run a circus, so I would love to work that theme into the designs.
I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Tammy P said...

My son's 10th birthday is this summer and he loves, loves, loves basketball and football. I would love for you to create something custom for him incorporating both sports. He would be so proud to have something that no one else has...

Oh, and Happy 2nd Birthday to your business!! That's fabulous!

mlbower1977 said...

Congratulations - you deserve all the success that you've enjoyed thanks to your hard work and beautiful designs!
I'd use the custom design package for a bridal shower this summer. We'd need invitations with RSVP cards, and return address labels, and your delightful gift tags for the guests' gifts.
And Emma & Kiwi would want to be included in the design somehow as well, of course :-)
Congrats again Stacy - and here's to another, even MORE successful 2 years to come!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 2 years of business! I love following your blog and always make it a point to check out BOTH your Etsy sites!

I will be planning a Dallas Cowboys themed surprise 30th birthday party for my husband. My plan is to have the party in the fall on a day when the Cowboys are playing on TV and overload the party with Cowboys themed decorations. When it's time for gifts, I am going to give him tickets to a game at Dallas Stadium...he won't see it coming!
Congrats again! Your design are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 2nd Birthday!

I am in the process of planning my baby sister's bridal shower/bachelorette party. She lives out of state, so we are forced to do one BIG weekend full of events!

I would LOVE your help with invitations, gift tags, some stationary for her to write thank you notes that coordinate with everything. Cupcake toppers would be cute, too!

Congrats! Lindsey ~

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 2nd birthday!

I am planning my baby sister's wedding shower and bachelorette party. She is out of state so we are forced to make one BIG weekend out of it!

I could really use our ideas for some invitations, gift tags, cupcake toppers and whatever else you think.



Adolescent said...

This year we are preparing for Delaney's 2nd birthday! I am going the creative route with an "art" themed picnic party! Delaney has a ton of little friends, so the thank you gift bags are my focus! I am thinking modern primary colors, a focus on the alpabet with the partygoers initials on their own personalized tshirts/apron! I love the initial idea for each kiddo; personalizing is your specialty! Details are very important to me as well, from the invitations down to the picnic table centerpeices and I know you create the most amazing inspirational designs. Her scheduled party is May 22 so this is the perfect opportunity. I am hoping your designs inspire a cake theme! Thanks for considering :)

Casey & Delaney
Portland, Or

Steph said...

Happy birthday to you! I just sent out bday invites you made for my little guy for his 3rd bday. I loved them and everyone else did too. I would have to throw a summer bash or end of school year party maybe for my son. Love it all!

Rebecca said...

First of all, thank you for making mother's day so special for me last year. I was able to give my mother a custom designed silhouette of our dog who had recently passed away. Your design brought tears to her eyes.

Life has thrown me many, many lemons during the past two years. To name a few, I lost my job (my industry was hard hit) and my engagement to my fiance ended. Despite all the crud, my mother has been my rock. She has taught me how to make lemonade and helped to keep me strong while reminding me to always walk with my head held high, but not too high to not be kind to others. She is my inspiration. It is for that reason that I would love to throw her a surprise "29.99th" birthday party in June (a woman never reveals her true age after all!).

It would just be a simple way of saying "thank you" to her for always being the wind beneath my wings.

And thank you to you... for helping to make my mom's Mother's Day so special last year!!!

Rebecca (Blumre1 on Etsy)

Lara said...

I have been volunteering for Italian Greyhound Rescue for ~ 1 year now and as an "official" rep, I would like to have a party this summer to thank all of my adopters...People have adopted "special needs" dogs and helped me by fostering animals...SO I would like to invite people over to celebrate their new family members and thank them for their support. All dogs that came into rescue that I housed were neglected and sad. Now they are healthy and loved. So invites and other IG related paper goods would make me vary happy!!
Lara Windett

anniekate said...

I ordered baptism invitations from you for my daughter and loved them! I would love to be able to use this for her 1st birthday party, which won't be until November. However, lots of plans in the works. I'm obsessed with polka dots and owls so I would love for Addie's party to reflect that theme. Your creativity could do great things. Oh, this would be such a treat to win! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Lakshmi said...

Happy Birthday and wish you much success on you absolutely fabulous work !
I posted a comment earlier..but have no idea if it went through. Sorry for posting twice.
3 of my good friends are having babies soon. It'll be the first one for each of them.
I would love to have congratulatory cards personalized for them. I thought they would like to get personalized cards for the birth announcements. Its one thing to pick some off the shelf ,and another to have it designed for you specially- for a special moment like this !

Congratulations again !

michelle@everydaycelebrating said...

You are ROCKING the business!
Is it bad that i'm entering?

I'm planning on throwing a fun July 4th get together for the neighborhood kids. Cookout, bounce house and the usual... just a relaxed good time to get to know your neighbors. Looking for a fun design to incorporate.

Emily said...

How fun and wonderful is this giveaway and how exciting for you on 2 years!!!

I am planning a house warming party as we just moved in a few weeks ago, and would love little goodies to decorate with!

Chere Toland said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!1 I just love your site! My daughter is turing "3" in July and we are hosting "Olivis'a Ice Cream Shoppe". Olivia loves ice cream and since it is in July, what better way to celebrate and cool off! I am planning to use "3 Scoops" since she is turing 3. I would use your custom design service to create invitations, cupcake toppers, gift bag tags, banners and much more! I would like you to custom make the products to match Olivia's outfit that I purchased from Gymbroee, it has an ice ream on the top in turquoise, hot pink and orange! I hope that I win because the party would look great with all your help!!!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Go shawty, it's your birthday! Thank you for hosting such an amazing giveaway! I'm planning my soon to be 9 year old's soccer party, and would love to relinquish the details to you, since I'm also planning my soon to be 6 year old's Cars party for a week later...yup, their birthdays are a week apart and they are so over joint parties.

Aaron [air] said...

oh yeah here is my email

Aaron [air] said...

Well I am so excited its your second birthday!

I have a fabulous request for you! I am organizing a food drive for the quest to end childhood hunger. I would love it if you could design flyers, donation cards and not sure what else off hand. I was thinking of baking cookies and giving each person a cookie as they donate on the main day. So maybe you could do favor tags/stickers?

If thats a crazy project I could always use them for my sweet Ella's 3rd birthday party!

Congrats on everything!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Congrats on turning two! I would love for my sister-in-law to be able to pick out party supplies for her daughter's second birthday party in August. They are on a tight budget and this would be a blessing. Who would have thought that my brother would become a father for the first time at age 52! Baby Jessica loves ice cream and I thought it would be fun for her parents to have a make your own Sundae Party
For myself, I would pick out your custom dog address labels which I have ordered in the past. I love my pups and enjoy showing my friends your labels when I send mail to them. Your company has something for everyone, no matter what age they are.

Hen Jen said...

Happy Birthday!
congratulations on your successful business!

well, I have 4 kids, so I always have a birthday to plan for. If I won, I'd plan something special for my oldest dd who has a birthday this May-seems as the kids get older, they don't have special themed parties anymore, it would be fun to plan something special and beautifully designed- just for her!'

I'm Jessica! said...

So fun!! I'm planning my son's 6th birthday party right now!! Would be such a blessing to win!! Thanks so much!

Jessica Woodford

Inkspot Workshop said...

These are great!! Thanks everyone for entering, the final countdown is ON!

Alyssa said...

Happy 2nd birthday! May this year be better than the last :)

I am in the process of planning my daughter, Maddie's 1st birthday party at the end of June. She has been such a joy and a blessing in our lives.

I want to go with a bright pink and orange color scheme and some thank you cards, possibly a cake/cupcake design, goodybags etc.

I would love your help in making this party the most stylish, fun filled 1st birthday ever!


Liz McCoy said...

Well we're planning the kiddo's 4th birthday and he has some really concrete ideas. He wants a Cat, Ice Cream, Dog & Train party. Sooo does that inspire you at all?? LOL

We'll probably do ice cream bar and focus mostly on that.

Angelena said...

Happy Birthday InkSpot Workshop!! and many more to come.I'm having a "King of the Jungle" theme for my son's first birthday in June ,and I would love some custom made invitations,a lovely Happy Birthday banner and some cute favor tags or stickers.Thanks for such a great giveaway:)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and congrats on all the success! I'm planning a pink elephant baby shower thats in 3 weeks and I would love to throw a pirate party for my son (7) in a couple months. I would love pirate invitations, cupcake toppers and not sure what else. Thanks for the chance to win.

Lori said...

Happy birthday! :) I'm planning my daughter's 6th birthday and would adore the benefit of your design savvy. I'm in the market for treat bag tags and other fun extras to give the party that personal touch. Thank you!

J said...

Congrats on your success! If you can make it in this economy you can make it in any economy and you will continue to have many years of success!!!

I was scheduled to host a baby shower for my best friend last November however, her daughter had different plans. See the baby was not due until January yet she decided she wanted to make an earlier arrival say October 15th!! Yes, she arrived at 27 weeks and spent till the week of Christmas in the NICU. Since my bestfriend lives in a differnet city than we grew up in she will be traveling back with her new daughter this summer. I am going to host a sip & see for them. I am going to go with a cabana stripe and hope to incorperate pink, green and white. I will need invitations, thank yous, gift tags, return address labels and goodness knows what else. This will really be a celebration for my friend and her daughter and a way for her to thank everyone who really helped them through those tough months of ups and downs in the NICU. She is insisting that no gifts be brought as their "presence" is enough! I would love for you to help makae this a celebration she will never forget!!Thank you, Jori

Anonymous said...

Hi opk this is my second time doing this LOL I hope this works. Well I just want to say Congrats!!!!! on the success:). I have nothing but wonderful things to say about you and you work.

Well I am expecting a baby boy in Aug and will be having a girlie fun bruch to celebrate the new baby, I would have fun invites and of course your sweet advice cards and thank you notes done. ok you no me maybe cupcake flags and it all...LOL The second event that is coming is my son Chase's 4th Birthday Party and the theme this year is Pirats. So cute invites,thank you tags and cupcake tags. Again I love your work and I am so happy for you and your success:)

Melissa Scorsone

Meg said...

hello!!! :0) I can't believe it's been 2 years!
I'd love to win little guy turns 2 this July & it couldn't be at a busier time...I'm a wedding photographer and have 7 weddings to shoot in July (including one that is in St. Croix!) Just thinking about July makes me want to take a long nap! :0) If I won this would take a huge burden off my shoulder in making the perfect little 2nd birthday for my boy :0)

Kikidoll said...

Congratulations on your Second Anniversary Stacy!
As a new start-up myself in this past year I say 'Bravo' to you for going from strength to strength in the toughest of economic times and continuing to offer the most darling and creative products at an affordable price and still maintain the highest of quality. I know all too well what it took for you to do that!
As you know I have ordered everything from InkSpot for a friend in Scotland's mummy cards and baby announcements, to gift tags for her children, as well as my own personalized Weimaraner pet stationery and address labels from Fire Hydrant twice. I just can't get enough of your fabulous items!
For my start-up's first anniversary 'Kikidoll Aloha' party in July, I would have you use my copyrighted shell logo and design something fun and flirty around that beachy, Hawaiian theme.
I design Hawaiian-inspired printed swim and beach wear, and make my own textiles, and you could use my prints and colors to come up with a tropical invite, and 'hang tags' and bags for gift/favor giveaways. I would also love a great big sticky label and/or card to use to say 'Mahalo' (thanks).
Check me out on
I wish you the best of success in 2010!
Kiki x

crouchingtanya said...

happy 2nd birthday! and here's to yet another great year of success!

so, re: my idea: this may severely loco, but i wanna plan a party for myself. i'm always planning parties for friends, people in need, people i don't even know, co-workers.....throwing birthday parties, baby showers, fundrasiers, charity events, what have you.....and it's dawned on me that no one's ever thrown a party for me.....huh? i've never had one really. since i was like 3 maybe. and i'm a lot older than that now, lol.

anyway. i'd like to have your help to make this day a reality, as in the past, i think something always comes up and i never finish planning it. anyway, thinking some lovely invitations. and perhaps a cd cover - as i'd love to make a compilation as a thx for coming to my first birthday party ever!

thx for considering me :) and best wishes!


Cecile Wight said...

Happy bday toddler! You have already helped me plan my son's baptism with lovely invites and labels. I have another baby blue bun in the oven and would love to have something designed celebrating their closeness in age (19 months!) With two older siblings 15 and 13, it will be a sibling celebration!


Anonymous said...

Just as you can't believe your InkSpot is turning two, I
have a precious little girl that is turning two this year too! I
can't believe it!!

I would LOVE to have you design an adorable invitation for her party.
She loves bubbles, so we were thinking about having the bubble man
come to our home along with lots of bubbles for the kids to play with.
So, with that said, I would love to do some sort of girlie bubble
invitation. Invitations, thank you cards, labels, ect. would be

Regardless if I win, I do wish you years of success!! I'm so amazed
at how much you are able to manage!!! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with your design and business savvy- congrats on your 2 years of success!!

You just sent me the most adorable baptism invites for my 5 month old daughter, and her big sister is turning 4 this July and we would love to use your precious party goods for her birthday party!! Mommy has loved coming up with the first three summer party themes (flamingo, watermelon, and flip-flop), but this year the big girl has decided on her own theme, and she wants bumblebees (I'm so impressed with her cute taste)! We'd use all that you could come up with- invites, thank you notes, cupcake toppers, goody bag tags, big girl stationery, whatever! We'll be moving to a new state before then, so whatever we could use to make her party extra special would be so appreciated!

Thanks s o much for the offer and continued success to you! :o)

Peyton said...

I'm catching this at the very last moment! I just found out my sister in law is pregnant and would love to get invites for her baby shower. I have 4 kids and we go to alot of birthday parties for their friends. The gift tag stickers are adorable and are just perfect for the kind of wrapping I like to do for gift giving. There are many other beautiful items that I could go crazy over as well. My oldest daughter is quite passionate about fashion and the environment and would love to use the custom design to help her create some inspiring logo or calling cards for her aspiring future. Thanks so much, Stacy

Stella Williams said...

Happy Birthday! I love all of your designs! You did a fabulous job on Cam's Firetruck birthday last year. This July I have my daughter Molly's 7th birthday, being ALMOST 7, she changes her mind on the theme. I know whatever the theme you would do a great job. I'm keeping my fingers crossed : )

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