Thursday, April 29, 2010

iCANDY - Mother's Day 2010

Favorite Foodzie Picks For Mother's Day

If your mom is half as sweet as this lineup, then I bet you turned out pretty well, right? This week's iCANDY is all about some last minute gifts you can easily pickup from my favorite artisan food site, FOODZIE. Enjoy and make sure to brush your teeth after reading this:)

1. Caramel Nut Bar - Bon Bon Bar, CA $15.00
2. Flower Cookies - Sharp Cookie, TX $6.00
3. For Her Tea Set - Tavalon, NJ $48.00
4. Sweets Gift Set - Valerie Confections, CA $70.00
5. Pretty In Pink Vanilla Marshmallows - Have It Sweet, CA $9.00
6. Mom Themed Sweet Box - Platine, CA $40.00

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