Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Step 1 - Custom Design

Remember Meg from Rodeo & Co who won my Custom Design package? Well as promised, I'm showing you a behind the scenes look at the different steps that take place whenever a custom design is being "thunk" up. It's like solving a mystery. I will post each step as they happen in real life, so stay tuned for the finished product and pictures from the real life party.

A little background... Meg (a busy photographer) has a little guy who will be turning 3 in July. So far the only clues she has given me are...

- 3 year old loves horses and is currently reading a horse anatomy book (yes I said anatomy)
- Family has a farm or a barn where there they will be having the party
- Likes the idea of somehow incorporating horse shoes into the design (will probably make envelope liner from these)
- Since it's a birthday, put a party hat on the horse
- Son looks really cute in his cowboy boots
- Likes red and white polka dots, already has a table cloth and cupcake wrappers in this pattern

That's all I had to go on, so what do you think? Some people prefer a background, while others want something more plain so I gave her a couple choices just so she could see. I sure hope she loves the little horse, especially the cute little horse shoe brand on his rump. Can't wait to hear and post what she comes back at me with.... stay tuned!
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