Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hi Tech Kitchens for Low Tech Food

Photos and full article courtesy of Inhabitat

Well, looks like the French have done it again! First they give us modern cooking as we know it via Master Escoffier, now they have revolutionized the modern kitchen with EKOKOOK by Faltazi design, makers of ultra modern appliances.

Ekokook not only has compartments for energy efficient appliances built right into the design, it hosts 5 separate systems for glass, paper, cans, plastic and organic waste.
Also makes a great exercise wheel for your pet gerbil:)

I love the sleek lines - It's a true workspace! I especially could use all the different drawers, see the one on the bottom? It's short term storage for fresh produce, how great is that?

Never to be outdone by the French, the US has a few "green" kitchens up their sleeves as well. here is Whirlpool's "green" kitchen

How pretty is this one from Oregon based Studio Gorm?

It's funny how I tend to think of these hi tech kitchens as preparing hi tech food like astronauts would eat. Instead they are meant for the opposite. Our food is going backwards in time (no pesticides, organic, farm-to-table etc..) but our kitchens are getting more hi-tech. Perhaps the next trend will be hi tech engineered food being prepared in kitchens with dirt floors, a well outside and an open fire? Like the colonial days. Only time will tell.

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