Friday, April 16, 2010

iCandy - 71st edition

Well... as you can see I'm up to some shopping. I'm in need of a cute, new purse for Spring and (trust me) it's a tough challenge with so many adorable finds on Etsy. I just can't get enough of all the floral appliques I'm seeing this Spring. They make me feel girly, even if I am middle aged:) I nearly bought out J. Crew last weekend from floral flip-flops, t-shirts to the most supreme floral ribbon belt ever! Now I just need some fun purses.

Here's a lineup of some of my favorites, won't you help me choose?

1. Rich Pink Flower Bag - Iroshka, England $85.00
2. Sunshine Garden Purse - Yen4Yarn, Wisconsin $34.00
3. Sweet Blossom Purse - Star Bags, Turkey $72.00
4. Pink Purse - Sweet Nola, Virginia $34.00
5. Bamboo Edged Wallet Purse - Kirevi888, Istanbul $39.00
6. Clutch Purse - Jennifer Ladd, Wisconsin $75.00


Star of the East said...

Adorable cute purses!
Thanks so much for the feature!

Suze said...

My vote goes to #3, even if probably felt is not completely appropriate for spring...

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