Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Honey Drizzled Chicken

Honey Drizzled Chicken, Vanilla Rice & Asian Broccoli

Busy FOODIES unite! Who says you can't have easy weeknight recipes that still "feel" gourmet?? I'm completely done with any recipe where there is more than 1 processed food item or can of soup (ok but they really can be tasty). Just because a recipe is a time saver, doesn't mean it can't be unique and somewhat healthy, right? One of the hardest things for me is to get organized enough to plan a few nights were I cook for my family, something I actually do enjoy when I have the time. Let's face it, working my {day } job, running InkSpot Workshop, being a mom, etc... takes up a full day and then some, right? This means our local restaurants really, really LOVE us!

One of my new friends "KW" is also a busy foodie and choc-full of great, easy recipes. She's like my own personal Real Simple magazine. Which by the way is my absolute most favorite magazine for simple, gourmet"esque" recipes. Click here to browse. KW recently shared this dinner recipe with me and after making it for my family on Sunday, I'm head over heels and hope you will be too. Any dish that incorporates both salty and sweet has my vote! She told me the Honey Drizzled Chicken came about as a mistake. I plan on posting lots of her mistakes right here, so stay tuned.

Honey Drizzled Chicken, Vanilla Rice and Asian Broccoli


Anonymous said...

YUMMY!!! Made it last night and everyone loved it!

Anonymous said...

Could I have another recipe for dinner tonight?

Inkspot Workshop said...

Why sure! I know it's more of a winter dish, but it's still a crowd pleaser around here, check this out from Real Simple Magazine http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/balsamic-glazed-lamb-meat-loaf-recipe-00000000028094/index.html

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