Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lovin' Paper Stripey Straws

Photos compliments of Sweet Paul

Now that Summer is just around the corner, I've been getting tons of requests for both my Ice Cream and Popsicle designs over at InkSpot Not to mention my own little guy's daily request to have ice cream, which in his mind is the only daily food group!

I just love the look of old fashioned paper stripey straws, gives any get together a nostalgic look and feel. Also makes me wish I lived back in the days when the old fashioned dime store soda fountain was the town's gathering spot. Boy was I ever born late?

As a kid in the '70's I remember hot Summer evenings and making our own ice cream sodas with 7-Up and any flavor ice cream we had in the house. Who could resist all that foamy goodness?

Photos compliments of Cindy Chae

I just love how party designers and wedding planners are using these retro straws as design elements. No minute detail is ever over looked, right?

Photo compliments of Project Wedding

Photo compliments of Oh Happy Day

Photo compliments of Little Birdie Boutique

They are perfect for making party favors too!

The best part of these fun little pieces-of-the-past is they are readily available today! Check out Etsy's lineup or try Kikkerland, where a box of 50 is just $3.00.

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