Thursday, April 16, 2009

iCANDY - 34th Edition

Directions: For optimum viewing pleasure click on collage

Welcome to the 34th edition of iCANDY, InkSpot Workshop's weekly feature. I have so much fun gathering items for each week's feature and I find iCANDY just about everywhere. Most of my inspiration comes from the talented group of sellers on ETSY and now that I have been Twittering, I'm finding some new talent. This week's collage does not have any rhyme or reason, just images that I find pleasing and I hope you do to!

1. Sea Lotus - Kathi Roussel, Buffalo $195.00

2. Itty Bitty Bouquet - Mudpuppy, Denver $15.00

3. Lisette Earrings - The B-line, Michigan $19.00

4. Mod Flower Cashmere - Murdock Design, Northhampton $68.00

5. Hoot Hoot Gicele Print - Print Space, Australia $18.00

6. Nested - Wunderlust, New York $40.00


*swankytables*Annette said...

Love the little flowers from mudpuppy. So sweet!c

Ilena said...

Makes my eyes smile!

Amy said...

Yum! This is one delicious looking collection. I'm so glad you're enjoying your earrings. The rest of these picks complement them so well. I'll take one of each!

Inkspot Workshop said...

So glad you are enjoying this week's feature!! I try to post every Wed-Fri so come back next week:)

kathiroussel said...

stacy --your blog is sheer joy to view-- fabulous color and beautiful layout and wonderful features!

i am so pleased to be a part of this week's feature--you put together items that really compliment one another.

and now i've just discovered your terrific etsy shop-- you're designs are gorgeous!

many thanks--you've put a giant smile on my face!


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