Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 9 - The Baker

Photo Credit: The Land of Nod

Welcome to InkSpot Workshop's 12 Days of Christmas. Today I am pleased to bring you my hand selected picks for day 9, where it's all about gifts for the person on your list who loves to tinker around with the oven and the people who love sampling the end results!

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Each month I look forward to receiving my Chiasso catalog. It's filled with interesting and unique gadgets, gifts and decorating ideas for the "modern" home. These little teacups are just about the cutest things I've spotted this season.

Teacup Cupcakes Set of 4

My friend and local Atlanta ceramic artist Jeanette Zeis, of Vessels and Wares, hands down makes some of the most lovely glazed goodies with her talented hands. Her mini cupcake stands and cake plates are simply put...SWEET!

Ruffle Cake Stand
Vessels and Wares

Many crafty peeps already know about the original Cricut Paper Cutting Machine, but have you heard of the Cricut Cake Decorating Machine? With this handy gadget you can make fondant shapes for cakes, cupcakes, cookies {just like the pros} in no time! Imagine the creative possibilities!

Cricut Cake Decorating Machine

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