Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1 - Flower Lover

Photo Credit: The Land of Nod

The countdown has officially begun! Starting today and ending Christmas Eve, InkSpot Workshop brings you The 12 Days of Christmas. Each day I will feature my top 3 favorite hand picked finds, for 12 different themes, in 3 different price categories.

Ready? Today we're kicking this series off with gifts for the Flower L♥ver on your list

Floating Flowers Earrings
Fleur Fatale

Vera Wang Flower Collection
prices starting at $49.99

Garden Flower Pendant
Tiffany & Co

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Drvance19 said...

Oh, Tiffany's...I like the necklace but my Santa is not on that budget. Next year?!?

Inkspot Workshop said...

Well Dawn, guess that all depends upon if you're naughty or nice :)

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