Tuesday, March 9, 2010

if I were a font series...Daisy Mae

click on picture for full effect

It's no secret I am over the top, obsessed completely with fonts. In fact if my computer crashed I would be more devastated over losing my entire font collection before my design collection. Perhaps that's a sign I need some serious help??

As a new found way to express my creative side, I'm starting this new blog series. What do you think? I will be bringing you free fonts and ideas of how to use them whenever the creative streak hits. The designs I create for this series will not be offered in my shop, but if you love them and must have them, simply contact me.

First up is this simply sweet and delicate font called Daisy Mae. You may download it for free by clicking here. It is so girly with it's scribbled daisies and fine lines, looks best as the main design element. I also like the way Daisy Mae looks paired with Champagne & Limousines print. Delicate, like a baby made me instantly think of a baby girl announcement, but a girly birthday or baby shower would wear it well too. How fun would this font be if a florist used it entirely for their logo? Oh, the possibilities are endless.

If you find a great use for Daisy Mae, drop me a line.


Jummy said...

I love the idea behind this blog series and I'll definitely be following along!!

Lori said...

Love it! What a great idea. I'm kinda there with the font obsession. My daughter laughs at me for calling out fonts on billboards. So, yeah, I guess that's an official obsession. :)

Inkspot Workshop said...

Lori: I know what you mean! It's a driving hazard! Instead of spirits haunting me like on that show Paranormal, FONTS haunt me.

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