Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow Day and New Traditions

Don't worry, you'll be an herb again....soon

Record breaking snow this Winter, eh? Although Al Gore is a bit distressed, we're loving the change of pace down here in the South. I grew up in the burbs of Cleveland, Ohio and saw my fair share of snow and had more snow days than we could count. The only time we got any time off from school was if it REALLY snowed.
As a kid, I remember the exciting feeling of sheer freedom on snow days. Something about being home from school, legally, and not sick made it so much more fun. For my neighbors and I it meant lots of snowball fights, snow forts, snow caves, you name it.

The dusting we got here in Atlanta, is something Ohioans would giggle about. My 4 year old will never know the true meaning of the word winter blizzard as long as we're in the South, but we're still having a great time and making some of our own traditions. I hope he looks back on these days as real bonding time between mommy and he.

my street the morning after, so serene and peacefully quiet.

how can something so delicate survive?

not everyone enjoys the stuff, don't eat yellow snow!

time to bake some fresh, hot cookies

someone can't keep their hands off

mmm, hot chocolate too? Mom, when can we do this again??


Alison said...

Love it! I am sure your son will look back with fond memories.

twolittletots said...

Oh, I wish we just got a dusting of snow in MN, but we don't...we get a lot. But, the sun is shining and it will be 43 today...I will take that!

Love your blog and etsy shop!

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