Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fire Hydrant Press Update + A Tribute To Snow

Can't you just see the wiggle?

Since starting my 2nd online shop Fire Hydrant Press (FHP), just over a year ago, I am constantly touched by the type of customers I meet. Click here to read how FHP got started. I figured people would get stationery and prints made of specific dog breeds to give as gifts for the dog lover who already has everything. I never even thought about customers wanting items as a way to remember their beloved pets who have passed onto pet heaven.

Recently I had the pleasure of being contacted by Jaslyn, a lovely duck owner (yes I said duck). She saw my custom silhouette option and asked if I would take on the task of making some note cards using a picture of Snow, her special duck that passed away over the holidays. How could I say no?

Instantly, I wanted to know more about Snow so I asked Jaslyn to share a little bit with us and here is what she said...

Sure, I'd be happy to share a little about Snow...

Snow was a rescue duck who came into our lives a little over five years ago. Soon after her arrival she was diagnosed with aspergillosis, a fungal infection of the lungs, and was given a 1 in 10 chance of surviving. With diligent medical care that included monthly 3-day stays at the veterinary hospital and daily nebulization, she slowly healed and eventually became a thriving, healthy, and very busy duck.

Snow loved hunting for worms and bugs in the lawn and relished the occasional mouse that would accidentally (and unfortunately) cross her path.

I purchased these cards as thank you notes to my friends and family who gave me so much support during her last illness (an egg laying-related disease) and eventually her passing shortly before the holidays.

Thank you again for the special service you offer.


Snow with her 2 geese friends Gargamel + Chinese

What a nice way to say Thank You

Now for a little Fire Hydrant Press update... As you know, FHP is a charitable division of InkSpot Workshop and a portion of each and every sale gets donated. I proudly write a check to Last Chance For Animals, every 3 months and as of today have donated $780.00. I also get approached from all types of animal rescue groups to donate items for auction, and so far have donated over $500.00 in goods.

Thank you everyone for all of your ongoing support!


Shannon said...

The first dog card I made was for my beloved golden retriever after she passed away. Such a wonderful tribute.

Alison said...

Precious! Just precious! I love it!

LizE said...

I absolutely love this idea. Your blog is so inspiring and it's great to see how you're giving back.

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks gals! It really is a fun 2nd little shop, gotta love animal lovers!!

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