Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do You MOO? free offer

I first discovered a couple years ago and am a huge fan of their mini moo cards. These little gems are not like all other ordinary business cards because you can upload tons of different pictures (make each card unique) plus they are small enough to fit on a keyring. I keep my mini moo card holder on my key chain, great for when I'm running errands and don't have my purse with me. Isn't that always the time you run into people and wish you had some cards on you??

I also use my mini moo cards to tuck inside customers packages. Just yesterday I made some new cards and included a coupon code for repeat customers. How could I pass up the FREE offer MOO has just for Etsy sellers? Click here to get your FREE cards.

There are so many creative uses for these minis, how about wedding favors? has even published an online ideas book, click here to flip through it.

A friend of mine uploaded pictures of their boat and use their cards when making new friends at high sea. Are you a proud mommy? Why not upload your favorite pictures of the kiddos and have these on hand as mommy cards? The possibilities are seriously endless!!

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