Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainy days are great for Nostalgic Toys...

This Spring in Atlanta is a mix of 42 degree days, sunny 70 degree days and a ton of RAIN! This past weekend wasn't any different. We had a gorgeous Saturday, choc-full of T-Ball, a birthday party and playing with pals. Sunday... well.. let's just say it wasn't like Saturday, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. What to do with a bouncing-off-the-walls 4 year old boy?

For starters, we never got out of our PJ's, mommy included. Then we got out the
Lite Brite. I'm finding myself buying games and toys for my son that I used to play with when I was his age. Lite Brite was my absolute favorite! No secret considering the color addict I am. Last month we even baked up a batch of Shrinky Dinks, remember those? Still a blast. With Lite Brite, all those pretty colored pegs turning into a lit up, colorful design, perks up any rainy day. If you don't have Lite Brite, you can always play online (yes, really) click here. Also found a site for refill pattern pages here. Still searching for a site that offers free, down loadable, printable sheets or a site that shows me how to make my own.

Ta Da! The Finished Project

Little Helper
Whipping up a batch of The Pioneer Woman's Favorite Burgers

Sometimes it's a challenge to find things we can actually play together, especially since he's not exactly "into" the same things we girls are. Although he has taken a liking to cooking and always wants to help in the kitchen, no problem there! I mean please, there is only so much playing Mater and Sally I can take before I'm ready to stab my eyeballs out. At least I can rest in a bed when we play patient:) Mommy's little trick to getting some rest while contributing to the playtime bank. Since I'm a working mommy, we don't have the luxury of unlimited playtime and often find our time spent together running errands, so it's super important to make time for play. At the end of the day it's more about the fact we had fun spending time together that will make the memories. Little buddy, I really do hope you look back on these years and think...boy I sure had a FUN mommy:)

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