Sunday, January 10, 2010


Happy Sunday! All this cold weather = lots of time spent indoors. Why not liven up your day by making something extra special? Here are 3 tutorials that should help make the most of a long winter day. I aspire to inspire so go and MAKE something!

Never really thought of doing your own book binding before? Me either, until I discovered this tutorial from Cottage-Industrialist. The possibilities are endless.

Crocheting is super simple and you can complete projects in no time. It's also a portable craft, so you can do it just about anywhere. I love all the beautiful hand dyed yarns and free online patterns available today, so I found this easy tutorial for you to finally learn the basics of crocheting. Thanks Lion Yarns.

If you are still intimidated by sewing and crocheting, try your fingers at this fun and easy no sew fringe fleece scarf. click here for instructions, compliments of Make and Takes.

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