Friday, January 1, 2010

iCANDY - 63rd edition

Happy 2010! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and are enjoying yet another day off from work. It's time to resume my weekly editions of iCANDY, so let's get started.

This year I'm adding a new little gadget for everyone who gets featured here on the spotter's iCANDY edition. This badge will help featured designers share the spotter love on their blogs and websites. As always, if you have some great iCANDY, drop me a line at info {a} inkspotworkshop {dot} com.


This weekend is all about organization and keeping with my last posting of Stickyfingers, I thought I'd share some more items to help start 2010 with a bit more "order". ENJOY!.

1. Nesting Desk Organizers - Fun Wall Art, Niagra On The Lake $38.00
2. Fabric Storage Bins - Sewing Momma, Denver $24.99
3. Sparkle Snappingtray - Anne B Vinyl, Kansas $8.50
Family Box Set - Paleolo Chic Home Decor, Barcelona $24.75

5. Lattice Coat Rack - The Crosbie, Portland $60.00
6. Chalkboard Labels - Nestlings, Dallas $6.00

1 comment:

Julie said...

Those fabric bins are awesome! You remind me that it's time to do some deep cleaning in the studio now that the Christmas rush is over. Sigh.

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