Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Great Destination Wedding Idea

Where were all these uber chic wedding blogs 5 years ago when I had my destination wedding? Seriously, the web is just crawling with unique ideas for your wedding plans. Thanks to one of my Twitter peeps, I discovered the JL Designs blog today, where the author/event planner Carissa, shares her very own wedding. Click here for the full post.

My favorite part of this terribly romantic and gorgeous wedding was how they placed Malibu, CA postcards everywhere so their guests could fill them out with advice. The intent is to have these postcards sent to the couple over the course of the first year of their marriage. This way they will get little surprise reminders of their special day in the mailbox. How cute is that?

We got married in St. John and had everyone sign a lovely coffee table book from the famous Caribbean photographer Steve Simonsen. I still love to flip through the book and remember that special time.

What are some memorable and unique twists to a traditional wedding "guest book" book you have seen?


carissa said...

thanks for the feature!!! means so much! xoxo, c

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks for stopping by Carissa! It's my pleasure to feature such a grand event:)

Brigitte said...

Hi! I just popped over from BYW. I had a destination wedding, too. We did a visit to Cabo San Lucas before our wedding and bought loads of inexpensive post cards. They were our save-the-dates, and it was a big hit.

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