Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I {heart} FONTS

I'm CUCKoo for fonts! A bona fide font junkie. I love everything they do to make our daily surroundings, just a bit more interesting. I love how they evoke certain emotions and can really make or break an advertisement, logo, website, poster or even an event invitation. I can't even drive down the street without looking at a new restaurant or store sign and playing a game of "guess that font" with myself. Perhaps worse than texting while driving?

I'll never forget the first time I realized I had better get myself checked into FONT REHAB. A few years ago I went to the Yellow Daisy Festival, here at Atlanta's Stone Mountain Park. I couldn't take my eyes of the event logo (pictured above) which was plastered all over the festival. Don't you just love that combination of yellow + pink, plain + flirty fonts? I became a woman on a mission and did everything I could do to find that font, even emailed their ad agency (no luck). Then while scouring my favorite place for free fonts, SWEET JESUS! I FOUND IT, click here. I've incorporated that font proudly into my line like here and here. I still love it, but am on a constant search for my next favorite.

Each week I look forward to seeing my Font Shop Newsletter sitting in my inbox. How great is this? An entire website and blog dedicated to, what else? FONTS! It's like a bar that's open 24 hours for a drunk like me. Today I'd like to share with you some of my new font favorites, actually worth spending a little $$ for. Oh, and how do I manage all several hundreds of my fonts? How can I do a side-b
y-side lineup/comparison when I'm drumming up a design? All font junkies need FontViewer, and it's FREE.


xoxo, C said...

I'm an 'MA Sexy' addict too. Happy to find another font junkie and thanks for my fix today :)

Inkspot Workshop said...

XoXo, C- Yes!! I see you used it in your logo, looks GREAT!! Other favs?

Liz McCoy said...

I'm right there with you on the fonts!! I have 100s err maybe a 1000 or so

I love the jellyka fonts on dafont.

Also love fonts from my favorite right now is DSP Adorable and DSP Brilliance!!

And of course I love my own handwriting font DSP Liz!!

Distinctly Dahlke said...

Love the fonts! So cute. I, too, love fonts but no real addiction here! I have been wanting some new fonts so thanks for the information on some cool ones! I really didn't want to buy more font software.

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks Liz! I had never been to that site, cute fonts!!

xoxo, C said...

I actually love this site:
Can't beat free fonts :)

Kellie said...

I love fonts and I have come to appreciate Helvetica.

My current favorite is and from the "Quicksand" family.

A few of my favorite FONT sites to share (100% commercial free) (already mentioned)

And Smashing Magazine showcases free fonts from time to time

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks Kellie! I had never been to fontsquirrel before and got a few new favs to add to my collection. Your're right about Quicksand! Love the dashed one too.

debbabcock said...

I love great fonts, too. Have you checked out one called Saginaw? It's free and wonderful.

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