Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little Encouragement Please

Oh how I love Twitter! How else would I have known that my local Atlanta "artsy" friend Jessica Gonacha Swift, just launched this cute and clever Ocean Rodeo collection? Click here to read the launch on her blog.

I'm crazy for the vibrant colors, those little submarines and ....gosh darn it that sun on the beach! It's really just TOO MUCH! Yes folks, Jessica is an illustrator, meaning she actually dreams up this stuff, draws it out and thanks to Steve Jobs, makes it into stuff we can all enjoy.

Myself? I am a "wannabe" graphic design artist, stuck inside a medical sales rep's body:) Lord knows I've tried to draw, but it's just not one of my gifts. I can play with color schemes and do wonders with graphics, even manipulate a few shapes into my own graphics, but draw? I'll just leave that to Jess.

I've even commissioned her to design the graphics I use in my Notes For Baby-To-Be. She whipped these up especially for me and I just love them (so do my customers!).

One afternoon at my house, we were having a creative jam session of sorts and I suggested she start a new line, designed for people just like me, those who can't draw even a stick figure! Heck, I'd be happy to pay for whimsical, colorful and original clip art to use, wouldn't you?

The next week Shadow Juniper was launched. This was supposed to be a place where Jessica would offer digital files for sale. Everything from clip art to patterned paper. In fact I purchased her Circles pattern and came up with these and these.

However, as you can see she has forgotten about this little shop. OK, I know she has been extremely busy since she IS a "real" illustrator for crying out loud:) but today I ask you to


Let her know you want/NEED her to stock up her shop so you can start making some incredible things with her designs. Click the "contact seller" button in her Shadow Juniper shop and send her a message via Etsy.


Brianna said...

I'm also in the Atlanta area! It's always cool to see other bloggers/etsians from your same area.

Inkspot Workshop said...

Brianna: Love hearing from the locals. PS. Your yarns are gorgeous! Makes me want to get out my hooks and do some damage.

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