Friday, June 4, 2010

iCandy - 78th edition

Happy Friday! Today's little lineup doesn't have any particular theme, just some lovely goodies I found on Etsy that I think are simply pretty!

I hope you enjoy InkSpot Workshop's weekly iCANDY
and find a few new artists to

1. Recycled Wood Sign - WD Design + Photography, Minnesota $34.00
2. Tiny Treasures Fine Art Photo - Hey Zee, Arizona $35.00
3. Candy Bouncer Yarn Wreath - Knock Knocking, Texas $70.00
4. Eyelet Lace and Rose Quartz Flower Ring - Kathi Roussel, NY $165.00
5. Le Poire Collection - Dear Jes, Colorado $22.00
6. Custom Embroidered Frame Purse - Ok Tak, New York $72.00

1 comment:

kathiroussel said...

stacy-- what a pleasure to be included in this color packed collection of wonderful have a terrific blog- you made my day!-- many thanks to you and best wishes for a wonderful summer ahead!

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