Friday, June 25, 2010

i Candy Crabby Cancer Edition

It's officially crab season and I'm setting the record straight... Cancers are not CRABBY! In fact, I'm just about the cheeriest person I know, same goes for all the other Cancers I know and LVE!

This week's iCANDY is dedicated to all of us late June and July Birthdays, a sort of "tribute" to us Canceronians. My birthday is July 10th {although I stopped celebrating once I hit 40} my BFF's is July 16th, so funny how most of my favorite people are also fellow Cancers. Maybe everyone out there gravitates towards their own astrological sign? Now that would be an interesting study.

Enjoy and go out and hug a Cancer this weekend,
much easier than a crab:)

1. Pillow Cover - Styled Spaces, FL $22.00
2. License Plate Art - Recycled Art Company, FL $149.00
3. Rhinestone Brooch - Fantasyard, CA $19.99
4. Galvanized Tub - Brody and Ma, CA $28.00
5. Small Giclee Print - Jenn Ski Art, NH $29.00
6. Crab Bowls - Artz Folk, $60.00

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Misti said...

Thanks so much for featuring our license plate crab on your fab little blog. One of my favorite people, my daughter, is a Cancer. :) Pray for our beaches so out favorite little crabs have a place to live and swim free...the oil just hit our beautiful white sand this week and we are in need of nothing short of a miracle to fix this problem.

Inkspot Workshop said...

Misti: I feel your pain, my mother lives on Panama City Beach and we enjoy it there often. So sad:(

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

My Crab Party Collection would have been PERFECT in your ICandy today!

Inkspot Workshop said...

Kim: Oooh, yes it would! Too many cute pictures to choose from. Guess it's because you are one of my favorite Cancers:)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are a Cancer, too! My birthday is July 9th. So fun...two Stacy's with a stationery business and birthdays one day apart! I knew I liked you!!! =)

Inkspot Workshop said...

Stacey: Who'd a thunk it??

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