Monday, June 14, 2010

DIY - How to decorate a marshmallow

So here I was wondering what to do with all these leftover marshmallows {s'mores fest 2010} from my fun-filled, backyard camping expedition this weekend, more to come on that one... Then I stumbled upon Meghan of The Decorated Cookie and her amazingly cute "The Painted Marshmallow" series. Seriously, who'd a thunk it? I can't wait to get my own set of edible ink markers! Just what I need, more markers!!

Meghan inspires you to come up with some of the cutest little edible favors for any event. I'm eating a bag of marshmallows {instead of lunch} as I type this, how's that for getting in the mood? I honestly can say I have never seen anything so darn cute and easy as drawing on marshmallows. Be sure to check out her book called Cookie Sensations and her online shop Chic Cookies, where you can buy her cookie kits.

Even better, Meghan teaches you to draw!
This could be a new hobby for you and your kids

Spring Flower Marshmallows Tutorial

The possibilities are endless!
You can draw up just about anything on marshmallows
for any event

Perhaps I should make these for InkSpot Workshop
and include with my orders?
Mr. Mailman, please no squashing

Holiday Themed Marshmallows Tutorial

I can hardly wait for December

Stacked Flower Cookies Tutorial

Just when I thought Meghan couldn't get any cuter,
I found these


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Chic Cookies said...

You're the sweetest ever! Thanks so much for my big feature :) These marshmallows are so ridiculously easy, too, it's terribly addictive.

Cupcakes and Cutlery said...

So cute!!!! I have those edible markers and my food allergic son LOVES his marshmallows!!! Thank you for sharing what is sure to be his new favorite treat. :)

Inkspot Workshop said...

I can't wait for my edible markers to arrive!! Oh the workout they are going to get, can I lick them? :)

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