Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Backyard Camping - S'mores - Hot Dogs - Fun

Nothing says Summer like some good old fashioned backyard fun, right? For those of you who follow me on my Facebook Fanpage, Twitter or my iCANDY features right here, you have seen my constant updates on this topic. I'm like a little kid thinking of ways for my own 4 year old to have a fun Summer like I did as a kid.

A few weekends ago one of my childhood friends came to visit me with two of her kids and the family tent. Toss in a trip to Target's $1.00 section, an endless supply of Raspberry Beer Cocktails {for the grown up ladies}, some hot dogs, mosquito spray, and you have the perfect starter ingredients for a recipe of FUN on a hot, sweltering Southern Night. Then we added...

a couple dads to help pitch the tent
(not 100% sure either of them have ever seen a tent)

a handful of kids to make sure everything is A-OK!

Some backyard games

the star of our party

large tub of Wet Wipes


to help us get into the 4th of July mood a tad early

and of course what backyard party
would be complete without
Glow Bracelets?

They sure leave interesting photo effects

How about this most adorable, printable
collection for your own backyard party?
From Fresh Chick Design Studio

As you can see we had a super time and hopefully made some great Summertime memories for the kids. By keeping the Raspberry Beer Punch flowing for the grown ups, I was hoping we could have at least passed out in the tent in order to get a good night's sleep - no such luck! By 11:15pm, my son announced he wanted to be "cold" and also wanted to "tear the tent down". Acorn didn't fall far from the tree, eh? My friend and her kids were the true troopers after all, as they spent the entire night in the tent, slanted on a slight hill and all:)

I'd love to see pictures from your own backyard fun this summer, send them along to info@inkspotworkshop.com

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Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Those Bracelets look cool in the pic. Love the S'mores printables too!

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