Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Semikolon Affair Continues...

My love affair with SEMIKOLON continues... Remember when I first wrote about this colorful company here and here? Well I just saw these work spaces posted on The Container Store's website and I'm just giddy. Makes me want to completely redo my office, again. Everyone who knows InkSpot Workshop and me personally, knows how much I {heart} lots and lots of color! It's no wonder I gravitate to this European line like an addict.

Semikolon products from See Jane Work
InkSpot Workshop products found here and here

My collection of Semikolon accessories is more like a fine silver flat ware collection, where I add pieces that I covet, but don't use for every day living. How crazy is that? I bring out these little beauties for photo shots and that's it! But don't they just compliment my designs perfectly? Funny thing is they would look great in my office, but I can't bear the thought of them getting used or worn {ok, it's confirmed I do have issues}.

A few more pieces from their collection to twirl over

This store really has it going on too. Check out Kitka's Design blog
where she showcases NEAT, in Toronto

If you also have a love affair with SEMIKOLON, I would love to see your collection. Please send me your SEMIKOLON pictures from your very own work space and I will do a future post of {love}.


kasiabear said...

oh my... this store looks amazing.. kinda glad i don't live anywhere near it.. i spend far too much on fabric and paper would have to be my next obsession..

Pamplemousse said...

Oh WOW! I have a Semicolon addiction too! Awesome stuff!

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