Thursday, May 20, 2010

Under The Big Top - Leo's Circus Party

Ladies and Gentlemen.....Introducing.......LEO...
and his friends and family....
starring in his very first Big Top Birthday Party!

Last month one of my great customers Tracee, asked me to make my Circus party invitations for her little guy's first birthday. I met Tracee last year when she was about to have Leo, and asked me to design some custom wagon thank you note cards for him (yes he was still in the womb, talk about organized mommy?) Since Tracee is a mommy who's all about fun, she wanted me to make all the matching paper goodies that go with this theme, because they planned on bringing the circus (sans messy critters) to Leo! take a look how it all turned out...
Perfect buffet to cure even the sweetest tooth!

both wall and table banners made by
Joyful Joyful

You can never have enough sprinkles
whether you're 1 or 101

The Biggest Show on Earth, deserves really BIG sweets!

and of course a really big parachute

oh and of course some ♥ from your BIG brother:)

birthday boy's tie shirt from We Choose Joy

BIG thoughts

BIG fun

I was saving the best for last!
Could there be a cuter Ring Master?
I especially love the Big Top cake

Hat + Bib from Golden Shop

OK, I lied....
this is really my FAVORITE
It's safe to say LEO thoroughly enjoyed his BIG DAY

Happy Birthday Little Sweetie!
Thank You Tracee for sharing this special day with us,
you did a GREAT job
looks like this truly was a party full of memories to treasure

party pictures by Justin Tsucalas, Photographer in Baltimore, MD

The invite that sparked the party theme

Available for boys and girls

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