Friday, May 7, 2010

iCandy - 75th Edition

Happy Friday! and happy I am today, for no apparent reason other than I {might} get to sleep in tomorrow? It's hard to believe this is my 75th iCANDY post and no surprise here, it's all about flowers. If you've been following iCANDY over the past couple years, this certainly isn't my first installment of petal mania and won't be my last {Scout's honor}. Who can resist all of this colorful talent found on Etsy? Enjoy.

1. Indian Summer hair Pins - Mia Beads, NY $21.50
2. Estelle Fascinator Hair clip - Ink and Button, IL $18.00
3. Hydrangea Bloom Pillow - DeDe Etsy Shop, MI $34.00
4. Curry Aqua Mum Cup - Yoga Goat, OR $28.00
5. Paper Flowers - Paper Platypus, FL $4.00
6. Floral Lampwork Ring - Brilynn, Lake Oswego $28.99


Stacey Halphen said...

Lovin' that ring!

Kellie said...

Those hair clips and that RING!! Awesome finds Stacy : )

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