Thursday, May 27, 2010

What does your favorite color say about you?

You all know how much I'm ALL about color, so imagine my excitement when I saw this COLORSCOPE on the Paper-Source blog. Click here to read full post.

We all know if we're Summer or Winter people (remember that whole makeup trick that came out 15+ years ago?) but what does your favorite Paper-Source color say about you? Right now I am still digging Chartreuse, so much my dining room is even painted the same shade. This would be a fun game to play during a girl's night in or a bridal shower. Here's what it says about me...

Grand adventures are part of who you are.
You are assertive with powerful energy.
People feel like they are your close friends moments after they have met you.
You explore the inner meaning of life

Yep, that pretty much sums me right up!

Stay tuned... they just launched 4 new colors (not listed) Persimmon, Peacock, Sunshine and Paper Bag. These will be debuting in my shop as soon as I get my hot little hands on them. Can't wait to see the Colorscope definitions behind these as well. I think Peacock and Persimmon are going to be my 2 new BFFs.

100% of ALL InkSpot Workshop envelopes (except the itty bitty ones) come from Paper-Source. Why? Not only am I in with the European flap, they have the best color selection and quality I have seen anywhere. If you have a better source, feel free to share. All of my colored card stock also comes from them, just to keep everything matching and pretty:) I can't help but get inspired from the entire color palette they offer, so I hope they keep the new colors coming!


Milli said...

I love Paper-Source too. But I also order from Do you find a price break ordering from Paper-source?

Inkspot Workshop said...

Milli: I do have a wholesale account with Paper-Source, so yes there is a price break. Check it out.

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