Tuesday, July 8, 2008

;SEMIKOLON; my new crush!!

I just got back from my local Sam Flax store here in Atlanta, and all I can say is HOW COOL WAS THAT? Since opening my shop just a few months ago, Sam Flax has been my home-away-from-home so to speak. They have the most extensive array of paper goods, gifts, packaging and artists supplies anywhere on Earth. Well, my visit today was like no other as I discovered this crisp, clean, colorful line from Canada, called SEMIKOLON.

Apparently the buyers at Sam Flax have just started to receive their purchases from the National Stationery Show last month and Semikolon was where they must have spent the bulk of their dollars. They have dedicated the entire front section of this large store to one big SEMIKOLON department. With it's halogen lighting, brightly colored journals and paper displayed on wood fixtures, stacked high - oh my! I was awestruck and found my feet stuck to the floor, like I was wearing lead shoes. I couldn't move if I wanted to - I want to live there, or at least go broke buying one of every thing.

For those of you unfamiliar with this line {count me on that list} they have an almost Scandinavian feel of simplicity in their product design. Just about every size, color and pattern can be found in fine writing journals, notepads, photo albums and pages, photo frames, office organization, gift boxes of all sizes and so much more. I was under a time crunch, but plan on making another visit to add a few pieces to my own office and to just GAZE until the store management asks me to leave:))


Angie said...

I wish I lived by one of those stores - it looks and sounds so lovely. But...then again, maybe it's better that I don't. My bank account probably wouldn't survive a visit lol.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I think you've recruited a fellow fan. I love the simplicity, the clean lines and bold colors are great! Thanks for sharing.

debsmuddle said...

I now have stationary and packaging lust

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