Sunday, July 27, 2008

On Vacation

Getting ready to head back to my homeland {Cleveland, Ohio} for a nice week long vacation to visit friends and family- will be back on August 3rd. No computer! I had to have it surgically removed for this trip. Since opening Inkspot Workshop in April, my laptop has become an extension of my body. I plan to keep busy so I don't miss it.

Preparing for trips to the airport these days present all types of challenges, in particular regulation sizes of personal care products for carry on bags. I have had many a $20 hair or skincare product be tossed into the garbage by the TSA staff. Of course I believe this is a just a way for these workers to get their own stash of nice products:) Surely they really don't just THROW them into the garbage???? Then I discovered mysmartpac! essential personal care products for people on-the-go packaged in a convenient, carry-on approved travel size pack.

At the recent International Gift Show, see my previous post, I got a chance to see and try this terrific new idea. The packaging alone should be award winning, it is so fresh, streamlined and smart. Packaging is nice, but how are the products? In my opinion, they are in a class all by themselves, using top notch ingredients. Prior to Smartpac, the founder worked in merchandising for Bath and Body Works. Here is some basic information:

- myspartpac TSA compliant and adheres to the 3-1-1 rule enforced by the TSA

- packs available for both men and women in scents ranging from violet kisses, berry blossom vanilla, morning fresh and citrus woody.

- ingredients include green tea, vitamin e, aloe vera and more
- once packages are opened, they have self sealing technology which prevents spills and keeps them fresh!

- up to 6 uses from each product

- handy zip top travel pouch keeps it all together

If you have any trips coming up or are a very busy person on the go, you will love myspartpac. Even if you are just a product junkie like me, you will love this body lotion! See you in a week!


kim* said...

have fun on your trip, i know what you mean about the computer stuck to your body. The packaging looks great. Thanks for the hinters.

GrayEyedScorpio said...

I went computer-free for my vacation and it was liberating! It felt like I had so much extra time.
Enjoy your trip.

Mary Ann said...

Have a fun vacation. Those packs look great. I saw something like that in my supermarket last week, but it was just run of the mill lotion and such.

Breanna LaRow said...

In June we went on a 2 week vacation to visit family. I assumed I would have access to computer/internet but it never worked out that way. I was amazed that I didn't mind very much. I expected the shakes after 2 days. Sun, sand and surf does amazing things for your soul. :)

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