Monday, August 4, 2008

Bespoke Corner

Back from vacation, but still feel like I need another week to sleep! Travelling alone with my 2.5 year old son was very taxing, great fun too:)

Before I left I was very busy printing, folding and sending out all Inkspot Workshop orders and a great idea came to me... I get many requests from customers to make custom printed items, hence my slogan "bespoke note cards..." so why not have a feature here in my Blog focusing on the different types of custom requests I get here at my workshop? In a pinch, I quickly grabbed some of my son's sidewalk chalk and came up with a logo. What do you think?

Inkspot Workshop has gone international {apparently} for the whole month of July! It seems like every other order I received was from afar. I have met so many nice people and am quickly learning the ins and outs of international shipping.

Here are some 3x3 inch enclosures a lovely baby blanket maker in Thailand requested me to make.

Next up from Norway, a complete set {personalized note cards, business cards, stickers} for a sweet first grade teacher. She liked my Sherbet Dots cards and had me make them in her school's signature colors. Ironically, the school's logo also contains three dots, so it really worked out well. Hopefully the rest of the faculty will need some:)

Never thought my little woodys would be used for something in conjunction with a wedding! but how cute are these Thank You's for a bride and groom to be? They are big surfers and are having a summer color themed wedding. All the fun papers shown in the background match the wedding colors and are the envelope liners.

It is so much fun to take an idea and run with it, so it is with great anticipation that I await all custom requests. Stay tuned for more Bespoke Corner and interesting ways in which customers get inspired by my designs.

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Rattanasiri V.Scherrey said...

Thank you Stacy,i really liked my cards that you made.Keep the great designs going...they are really makes my blanket looks more special :)

Rattanasiri V.Scherrey ( beebigirl )

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