Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not Your Regular Jo!

Look what arrived on my front porch yesterday. I could not wait until this morning when I knew I'd be brewing up a fresh cup of my new jo. Thanks to Carol, over at Pike Creek Coffee Roasterie for doing a trade with me, I know have 2 pounds of this superb, whole bean {you're not a real coffee drinker unless you grind your own beans:}

I'm a sucker for adorable packaging. French Toast {I'm drinking right now} and Cinnamon Hazelnut {will be my second cup} are the flavors I ordered and boy are they smooooooth! They use 100% Arabica coffee and roast daily in Wilmington, Delaware. Pike Creek Coffee Roasterie also has won the "Best Of Delaware" 2008 Best Coffee Critics Choice! OK, now I'm really sure I need a new coffee maker to even brew this pedigreed coffee:)



Sounds delicious, I can almost smell it!! The packaging is super cute too :0)

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Yum, looks great. I am drinking a cup of coffee now but I bet it is not nearly as good!

Beth said...

A good cup of coffee is like nectar from the gods.

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