Monday, September 14, 2009

While working my day job...

Picture this... It's 11:00 a.m., I'm already starving for lunch and while I wait for my appointment in the OR, this local magazine cover is screaming out to me. As I quickly turn to page 11, I see an article about a new "gourmet" popcorn shop, boasting over 100 flavors. Could there really be such a place? Truth be known, I don't even like popcorn unless it is flavored and I certainly could not fathom 100 flavors? {mouth watering}

I honestly could eat this entire cover, instead I stole the zine from the waiting area to ensure I would have the proper digits for my gps.

I fire through my meeting about scalpels {stomach growling} just so I could hurry up and find this little slice of heaven or should I say haven? Big shocker for the day is that there is nothing in Calhoun, Georgia except for a hospital and my new favorite shop, Popcorn Haven!

As soon as I saw the sign, I swear I heard harps begin to sing. I literally parked my car and ran inside as though they were having a clearance sale on Jimmy Choos. The rest was popcorn love history! The picture above is Butterfinger, one can only imagine...

The owner's (originally from Chicago of course) favorite flavor and my first one to sample was this most unique combo of Cheese Coated Caramel Corn. My fingers are stained orange from doing nothing but snacking on this all day long! I really can't get enough.

After I had about all the savory and spicy flavors I could handle, I moved onto the sweets. Here is Strawberry Cheesecake. They actually make this by using real pie crusts and strawberries. I also bought Key Lime Pie! Somebody really needed to stop me.

Quickly realizing I was running late for my next appointment and it was going to be just me and a bunch of nurses, I ordered yet another bag of goodness and the show stopper. Shown above is White Chocolate Pretzel and my ladies went wild for it.

Twin brothers and masterminds behind Popcorn Haven.

The best part of Popcorn Haven isn't just the unique flavor combinations, or the nice people who work there, they have a website where you can order! Think I know where everyone is getting their Christmas gifts from this year.

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