Sunday, September 20, 2009


Happy Sunday! This week's edition of Stickyfingers brings you fun, crafty tutorials from a few old friends you've seen before and you get to meet a new friend too. I aspire to inspire so by the end of today (or at least this week) I hope you go and make something! I love to see pictures of your finished projects so please send along so I can feature you.

The amazingly clever Patricia Zapata, of A Little Hut brings us this easy tutorial for those of you who like to recycle. These modern Yarn Gift Tags are easy to make, click here for instructions. Also, Patricia has recently launched a new craft book. I bought my copy last night and I anxiously await it's arrival!

No stranger to Stickyfingers, Amy of The B-Line always has wonderful craft tutorials. I'm most impressed that she makes each and every one herself, instead of just blogging about them {like yours truly}. This time she shows us how to make the timeless cocktail umbrella and offers other uses besides adorning your fav Mai Tai.

I was reading my friend Jessica's blog and she introduced me to the idea of knitted bangles. How great would these be for Fall? She offers several links to tutorials she has found, my favorite was this one, by Cloud Hopping.


jess gonacha swift said...

I must must must get some bangles so I can try this. I'm obsessed with the idea right now!

Hope you're doing great- we should chat soon!

Amy (the b-line) said...

Oh yeah! I do love to get my hands dirty. Or sticky. Or both! Thanks for featuring my little brellies! One of those drinks sounds pretty good about now. :)

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