Saturday, November 8, 2008

My New Helper

Life just got a little easier with some help from my new Tonic Studios guillotine paper trimmer, purchased at the new Paper Source here in Atlanta. Now you know, each and every piece of paper you buy from InkSpot Workshop is lovingly cut by yours truly. I'm not sure how I ever lived without this practical piece of equipment? Would you believe I used a little rotary trimmer up until now? At $49.00 this was a steal! Although I still can only cut 2 pieces of heavy card stock at a time, it's better than what I had before.

Do you have a piece of equipment that helps make your day just a bit easier that you'd like to share? Or a better paper cutter? I'm all ears:)


SapphireChild said...

That's a pretty wicked looking blade there. Watch your fingers! :P

I recently taught my dog to shred junk mail. Ok, he does it naturally. But that makes my day easier!

Inkspot Workshop said...

Funny you should say that... I keep a stash of Band-Aids next to my SHARP, trusty helper since I've gotten bitten 2 x already.

Sara Tams said...

I can't remember if I told you that I *LOVE* my new business card cutter! But the card folder didn't work because my cardstock is too thick... apparently it's just meant for folding letters, up to three sheets of regular copy paper. I was SOOO bummed out when I had to admit defeat and return it!

Inkspot Workshop said...

Too bad about the folder, I was looking to retire my own bone folder:) You must do a post about your business card cutter, I can't even imagine how that works.

ashley d! said...

yes there is a piece of equipment... my own paper cutter!!

i was crazy lucky because i swiped a $10 off coupon from work!

i simply couldn't live without mine either!

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