Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Little Something For BFFs

There's a new Etsy shop on the map called Fire Daughter Clothing. Samya, the brainchild and designer behind this fun line of T-Shirts for girls of all ages, really has a knack for keeping the designs hip and retro.

I was first introduced to Fire Daughter T-Shirts by my own BFF who happens to be neighbors with Samya. Last June when my gal pals and I took our 40th birthday party trip, we all received these awesome "Peace, Love, Girlfriends" shirts. It really is unlike any other T-shirt I own, really soft and stretchy! Don't you just love the little rhinestones? They are now for sale in Samya's shop, just click here.

I was so inspired by this simple, fun, girly design that I just had to make them into note cards.

How fun is this shirt? Perfect for the new mommy or as a little treat for yourself

Be sure to visit Fire Daughter Clothing to see her complete line of adorable kid's T-Shirts with equally cute bling.


kim* said...

The shirts look so comfy :)

moxylyn said...

Love these t-shirts, and what a great idea for a gift!

Inkspot Workshop said...

These honestly are the most comfy shirts I've ever owned, plus they hold up during washings. Her line for little girls is precious! I have Samya working on some other items for me right now, I'll keep you posted.

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